Everything You Need to Know About Nick Jonas’ Break-Up, Chris Colfer’s Movie Debut & More!

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Not only does this trailer mark the big-screen debut of Chris Colfer. It also marks the first time we’ll see Chris’ ideas come to life — he actually wrote the movie! In the upcoming flick, Struck by Lightning, CC plays a high school outcast (which he’s already an expert in) who chooses to blackmail all the students at his school to get ahead in his writing (which we’re assuming he’s not an expert in).

Watch the video below to catch Chris, the hilar one-liners and Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland!

Onto the final bit o’ juice…

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  • Deepika

    Ellice – Lisa, it seems Dianna is very good at encouraging peploe to get married. Thats why Joe and I put a wedding together in two days! Love you Dianna! Thanks for being so incredible!

  • maya

    i met them both in NY and Delta was sooo sweet. i feel bad for nicky, i hope he does ok.

  • Hyashintha

    Who’s she?

  • Sam

    i didn’t even know they were still going out

  • Sarah

    I’m so sad for nick :'( I knew it’s not going to work anyways even though he was head over heels for her and he was happier when he’s with her