8 Storylines That Totally Went MIA In Glee Season 3

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For three seasons now, us gleeks tune into Glee every week to see what’s going down with the students and staff of McKinley High School. And while the music is mainly what keeps us tuning into Glee ever week, the show’s plotlines are also pretty goshdarn good. Except when they are completely forgotten. Like, what happened to Ken Tanaka? Why did the glee club stop writing original songs? What about Emma’s divorce? Take a look at these forgotten stories and try to figure out what happened to…

The Acafellas?
In the beginning of season one, Will Schuester left his rag-tag team of misfits for, well, another group of misfits. He, along with Finn, Puck, Emma’s long-lost fiance Ken Tanaka and Sandy Ryerson formed the Acafellas. This singing group had the ladies swooning after a sexified PTA performance, and even got Josh Gorban’s approval. So why did they stop? Perhaps a plan for the Warblers forced producers to pull the plug on this older, less attractive group.


Kurt As a Cheerio?
Sick of losing the spotlight, Kurt joined the Cheerios to gain some well-deserved stardom. And it worked. Who else could belt Celine Dion for ten straight minutes in perfect French? At the beginning of season two, however, viewers spotted Kurt sans uniform. Unlike Quinn, Santana, and Brittany, he never had to chose between Cheerios and New Directions. Best bet? Bullies picked on him more when he ra-ra-ra’ed.


Bryan Ryan Saving the Arts?
Just when the glee club gets it together, something comes to tear it down. In season one that included Bryan Ryan (played by Neil Patrick Harris), a school board member intent on cutting the club. After a crazy episode involving bedazzled jean jackets and a “Dream On”  sing-off, the villain-turned good guy-turned villain decided to keep the club throw the kids some money. So then why exactly is New Directions still selling taffy and hosting bake sales? Guess you can’t trust a man with two first names.


Being Short on Staff?
McKinley High once housed hundreds of teachers, but lots of staff got cut last season. Coach Ken Tanaka and creative arts director/creeper Sandy Ryerson left the students without any warning. But now, new teachers like Ricky Martin’s David Martinez might be getting hired? Makes no sense.


The Football Dance Team?
Before the Michael Jackson tributes of season three, New Directions dedicated a half-time performance to the King of Pop. The club didn’t do it alone though. They had help from their frenemies on the football team. Ok, technically Coach Bieste forced the jocks to participate in the performance. But regardless, whatever happened to those required dance classes? After all, the team finally won because of them.


The Bully Whips?
During the show’s darker times, New Directions lost Kurt to the Warblers after Dave Karofsky bullied him away. In hopes of getting him back (and gaining some respect) Santana formed the Bully Whips, McKinley High’s personal body guard patrol. So if the service exists, why do kids still tosh slushies and shove classmates into lockers? Not cool, Mr. Murphy.


Emma’s Divorce?
Last year, viewers witnessed the love (and loss) of the Will-Emma-Carl triangle. After a few months, Emma marries the dreamy dentist, but he files for divorce at the end of the season. She seems to get over it quickly, since she moves on with Will by September. While this may not be an overlooked plot, it’s something that doesn’t make sense character-wise. After all, the always-cautious Emma doesn’t seem like the type to jump from one relationship to the next.


Original Songs?
In the second season, Murphy and Co. channeled their creativity and wrote original songs for the show. These tunes gained major popularity online and even got the team to Nationals. But now, New Directions relies on mash-ups and tributes to win fans over. Bring on more new stuff, guys!


What do you think happened to these storylines? Which one do you think they should bring back in season 3? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and make sure to tell us what you think of this season, too. You know we have our own opinions…

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– Leah Rocketto

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6 Responses to "8 Storylines That Totally Went MIA In Glee Season 3"

  1. Teen.com
    camille says:

    those were all explained and concluded but the show still sucks

  2. Teen.com
    Ella Marie says:

    Glee has basically zero continuity, yet you managed choose mostly things that actually DID make sense??? Come on, there were millions of plot-holes you could’ve picked at.

  3. Teen.com
    Louise says:

    1. Will stopped the Acafellas to concentrate on Glee
    2. Kurt quit the Cheerios
    3. Bryan Ryan went off performing as Jean Valjean in Les Mis, it was a guest appearance
    4. It makes sense, duh!
    5. Football dance team was only temporary to get the football team to stop bullying the kids in Glee
    6. The bully whips was a temporary thing between that Santana and Dave only did so they would get Prom King and Queen. DUH!
    7. Emma got divorced OFF-screen DUH!
    8. Glee isn’t over yet, they’ll probably do more original songs!

    You should actually WATCH Glee before you make this assumptions :/

    Fail much?

  4. Teen.com
    DragonBoat says:

    All of those were explained and concluded, except for maybe Bryan Ryan.

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