Glee Recap: 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Would Never Happen IRL

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Whoa! Can we just say that last night’s major twist on Glee was, well, a major twist? Aka we didn’t see it coming at all and we have no idea how the cliffhanger is going to end when the show resumes in April?! That was just mean, Ryan Murphy, to keep us hangin’ like that (read on if you have absolutely no idea what we’re talking about). But else went down at McKinley? And at Regionals? And what plot lines weren’t so realistic this week? it’s all below…

1. It’s Regionals night, so the competition is on between Sebastian’s Warblers and New Directions. Sebastian even blackmails Rachel and tells her not to perform so the Warbs can win or else he’ll put a nude pic of Finn online. This starts a fight between Rachel and Finn, but eventually they make up and Sebastian decides he wants the Warblers to win Regionals fair and square.But nope, not even this song could help ’em win the trophy…



2. After last week’s meet-up at Breadsticks with Kurt on Valentine’s Day,, pretty much everyone at Karofsky’s school now knows he’s gay. He even got tormented in the locker room and cyber bullied online. But when Dave’s dad finds him after a suicide attempt (he was ok, thank gosh), Will teaches New Directions a lesson about looking forward to the future, Kurt feels bad and becomes his friend again, and Sebastian and the Warblers dedicate their Regionals performance to him. Our question is this, though — how did Sebastian go from sabotaging Dave and being mean to everyone him to dedicating his performance to him? Makes no sense…



3. Sue is…wait for it…pregnant. We still don’t know the lucky guy whose sperm got implanted into Coach, but she’s with child and tells Quinn first and asks for pregnancy advice. And after a heartfelt talk and much urging, Sue decides to let Quinn back on the Cheerios even though she quit, and even decides she wants to help Will and the glee club win Nationals (since they clearly won Regionals). So Sue’s pregnancy hormones all of a sudden made her so nice? Um, isn’t it usually the opposite?



4. After the whole Karofsky incident, Rachel and Finn decide they don’t want to wait any longer and just want to get married already. So after their big Regionals win, they gather at Town Hall with the rest of the glee club and their families to tie the knot. Their parents are trying to sabotage the wedding since they think they’re way too young, but Quinn says that she now wants to support their marriage. So as Rachel and Finn wait to get married while Quinn went home to get her bridesmaids dress…



5. Quinn gets into a huge car accident! Rachel was texting her telling her to hurry up, and at the same time, Quinn wasn’t paying attention while driving and a huge truck crashed into her. Then the episode ended! That was it! What the heck! Is she gonna live? She hasn’t technically signed on yet for season 4, so are they going to kill her off? What’s gonna happen? And WHY DID THEY DO THIS TO QUINN?!



What do you think/hope/pray is going to happen to Quinn? Will she be ok? Will it postpone Finchel’s wedding for a long time? Will Sue end up having the baby? Tell us everything you’re thinking (questions encouraged!) in the comments!

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  • maxii glee

    GLEE!!!!!! ES LO MEEEJOOOOORRR!!!!!!!!

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  • Sophie:D

    Quinn will be fine , but I hope they don’t. Cancel the wedding cuz r+ f where like perfect couple :( and Quinn is going 2 be okay but if she isn’t the. Tht will just b a big lesson 4 drivers.

  • jordan lyons

    i want to know what happened to Quinn she is my favorite i want to know if she will be in a wheelchair please let me know okay.

    • gleek

      omg! i didnt see that coming best ending ever cant wait til next season! ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • gleek

        hi ryan murpy? i love glee i would love to guest star. PLEEEEAAASSSSEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        GLEE IS SSO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have the two seasons n a dvd of the encore singin music and some cds and waitin for 3rd season to come out on shelf to but it if i cant be on the show can i at least meet them that would beee awesome

      • gleek

        also i would like to know how quinn doing that was a shocking ending

  • Anonymous

    will the episode be on the 9th of march?

    please don’t die quinn

    • Janson

      I love Glee! I’m not sure if I’ll read the books, but I might. I do have a very long list, and the book tie-ins for TV shows tend to be pretty bad

  • OMG


  • Keera

    Please, don’t let quinn die.. I fuckin like slash adore her.. So please noooooo

  • raberyquinn

    Oh no :(
    I love Quinn
    I love Finn
    I love Rachel


  • Dominique

    I think Quinn still has feelings for Finn and Sam

  • Maddie

    best episode yet

  • Veronica

    It was a really shocking episode. And the Karofsky part almost brought me to tears. I really hate it when people bully other people just to make themselves feel superior!!! And the Sure being preggers thing was so… WEIRD. When she said that she was pregnant I was like “Whaaaaa???” and in the ending when Quinn is texting while driving, well that should serve as a lesson to viewers. I hope she makes it though :'(
    It was a very…mixed episode. From emotional, to surprise then even more surprise and ending with a cliffhanger.


    this is all Rachel’s fault she should know better than to text someone while they’re driving D: :(

    • Sherriie

      I disagree because Quinn is the one that answered the text, so its her fault as well… Did Rachel knew what was going in on? who knows? But I love Quinn and she should live!!! And why is everyone upset with Finberry getting married, it makes the show soooo cute!!!

    • elyse

      well it was also Quinn’s fault to because she chose to answer the text when she was driving

      • Rebecca

        Is quinn going to be ok i love rachel and finn

    • Alysha

      What’s with the brunette Glee girl’s trout mouth? It’s like it doesn’t close! And geedeez .. where the hell is that girl’s mom, and didn’t she look at these pics before they published? Call me old fashioned, but that’s too much. As my mother would say (Yes, shoot me now, I’m quoting my mother) That girl’s going to be the next Brittney Spears! and that’s not meant complimentary.

  • gleegreak

    I love quinn to death but we also have to remember that each glee show has some meaning behing it. Weather it be happy like will and emma or sad like when sues sister died. Glee club it slef has truly never experianced a great loss like real life parents who lose there kids to.texting while driven. Pus it leave it open for sue to name her baby after quinn

    • BNB

      OMG! I totally agree with you! I probably would burst out in sobs if Quinn died but at the same time OMG! LIKE IT JUST SEEMS SO RIGHT FOR IT TO HAPPEN! WITH ALL THE DRUNK DRIVING AND DRIVING WITH TEXTING. IT MIGHT ACTUALLY OPEN SOME EYES!

  • Mer97

    I love Quinn! i think she will live… but i totally say the car accident thing coming. why must they make us wait till April!!!!!

  • LoVe2SiNg

    Please don’t kill Quinn off.
    1. Think of of Beth one day she’s gonna want to know her mom.
    2.I think Puck still has feelings for her.
    3.Quinn is awesome

  • WhatsupwithU2247

    I think something tragic’s gonna happen like in the vow like Quinn will be alive but shell forget everyone or worse!!!!! ah! (btw i totally saw that crash coming from the moment the text said “ran home to get my bridesmaids dress.”)

  • val

    I personally think they should kill Quinn (even though I adore her) because they didn’t kill David + there was a lot of irony in that episode because Quinn’s life was starting to look up and get better but BAM! I read that the last few episodes are supposed to be really sad :( but who knows Quinn might go into a coma???? love you dianna!!!! :)

  • Grace

    QUinn was spotted on set in a weelchair…. I’m just sad she can’t be a cheerio :/

  • Gwen

    I was like: OMG OMG OMG!!!! NO!!!! QUINN! It was so sudden, after the whole suicide thing…..I love her!! I can’t wait until April 10th!

  • Jane Sanders

    My theory : I’m sure Quinn isn’t dead ! She will be in coma and everyone will be crying around her and Rachel is gonna feel bad ! The police will find her phone and call Rachel and they’re gonna cancel the wedding because of the bad news , probably something like that

  • alexia

    i was like in total shock at the end of the episode

  • NyanCat

    I watched it and I was so surprised when the car rear-ended Quinn. I hope she is okay… and it happened on R+F’s wedding day :( It’s so terrible cause that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention while driving. Hope she will be okayy !!