From Our BFFS: Wanna See What Kids Think About the Oscar Noms?

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If these kids had their way, Jack and Jill and Selena Gomez would be winning Oscars this year instead of the real nominees. Is it weird that we kinda agree with them?!

Ok, it’s time we get to the bottom of this. Are Taylor Swift and Zac Efron really dating or not?! [gURL]

How does Katy Perry feel now that Russell Brand is rebounding spotted with a hot model? “Humiliated.” Oy. [Wetpaint]

But we don’t feel too bad for Katy. She’s landed a guest stint on one of our fave Fox TV shows! [Cambio]

Adele won huge at the Brit Awards the other night. But her acceptance speech? Uh, not such a winner. [Posh24]

We’re not just jealous of Carly Rae Jepsen because she’s pretty and talented and famous. Now, she’s writing songs with her mentor Justin Bieber!!! [M]

While Selena Gomez is off not making music, what’s she doing besides smooching the Biebs? Working on her almost-finished perfume, of course… [Just Jared Jr.]


Now that Nicole Scherzinger is out, could Britney Spears be the next judge on X-Factor?! Guys, this has to happen. [Hollywire]

Jackie Emerson, aka Foxface from The Hunger Games, spills movie secrets! Um, is it March 23 yet?! [HuffPost High School]

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  • Gabriel

    my god she looks like shit better than juitsn though couldnt they have done a leetle bit better though i mean i love selena but just not that wax figure:P

  • SarahNeverBeenHere

    HAHAHA LOLing when he was all like: What do you thing about Gary Oldman in ……?
    *cute “indon’tknow” face* Yeah, im speechless bout the performance…ahahahah

  • Sam

    lol the kids are probably really confused

  • Laurajean

    One of the last two girl at the end of the interview looks like Miley Cyrus when she was little.
    The girl on the right of the screen. have ya noticed? Do ya agree?

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