Hottie of the Week: Celebs on TV Who Don’t Get Enough Face Time

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Remember those times when there weren’t enough parts in the school play, so you or your classmates were forced to be a tree in the background? No lines. No real plots. Just the proverbial swaying tree. We’ve been there, and it kinda blew. So that’s why we wanna create an entire Hottie of the Week edition dedicated to those background dudes. The ones who usually take a backseat to the other male characters on their TV show. Don’t they deserve some face time, too?

So forget all the Damons and Stefans, Finns and Pucks. This is for the hotties you didn’t even know you were missing out on…

Mike Chang on Glee (Harry Shum Jr.)
C’mon, wouldn’t you like to see more of his abs muscles body dancing on the show?

Harry Shum Jr Shirtless

Da Man magazine

Mike Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars (Cody Christian)
With guys like Ezra and Caleb walking around, it’s hard for Aria’s little bro to stand out.
He’s still pretty darn cute though, don’tchya think?


Matt Donovan on The Vampire Diaries (Zach Roerig)
How could Elena possibly break up with this guy??
Is it just ’cause he’s a medium and not a vamp? Lame.


Jack Pappas on The Secret Life of the American Teenager (Greg Finley)
Every ep’s all about Ricky and Ben. Ben and Ricky.
But honestly, Jack’s def hotter than at least one of those dudes.

Stan Stilinsky on Teen Wolf (Dylan O’Brien)
Stiles is so supportive of his werewolf bestie, Scott, and looks mighty fine when he’s dripping wet.
Is it too much to ask that he get more time on the air?

Dylan O'Brien Shower, Photo Shoot

Troix magazine

Justin Miller on The Lying Game (Randy Wayne)
Justin got burned by GF Laurel, so we don’t even know how much longer he’ll be around.
All we gotta say is that he better win her back somehow. We’re obsessed with his baby blues!

The Morton Report

Lee LaBeque on The Secret Circle (Grey Damon)
Lee hasn’t been a part of TSC for very long, so he can’t outshine Adam and Jake… yet.

Just Jared Jr.

Dez on Austin & Ally (Calum Worthy)
Admit it, your eyes immediately go to Austin (Ross Lynch!) when you watch A&A.
But Dez isn’t too shabby himself — just give him a chance!

Disney Channel

Jerome Clarke on House of Anubis (Eugene Simon)
Not to completely diss Mick & Fabian,
but Jerome’s so much more fun to gawk at watch on HoA.


Liam Court on 90210 (Matt Lanter)
Hello! Liam takes a modeling job (before that motorcycle accident).
That means he’s the ultimate eye candy!

Spunky Star

Which of these “trees” is the sexiest? Are there any other background TV guys you want others to notice? Vote in the poll, then raise your voice in the comments!

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  • nastehoadana

    l like zach you are asome.
    you are cool zach

  • nastehoadana

    l love zack you are asome



  • Claudu$$$ka

    Matt Lanter is a very hot and handsome <3

  • pagiee

    omg mat all the way!!!!! ;););)

  • MattAddict

    Matt!!!! He’s the one!!

  • Charli

    I don’t know who half these dudes are, but I’d DEF bang anyone of them if given the chance:)

  • Zoon

    Staaaaaaaan <3

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    • sarah


  • monique

    definetily dylan o’brien!!!!:)

  • Sam

    i love randy wayne as justin on the lying game!

  • Emily

    Eugene, Harry, and Calum <3 ;D