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Every day, we try to keep you up-to-date with all the latest fashions, movie news, and just general celebrity goss. But as per youge on Thursdays, we want you to tell us what you think about everything we told ya within the past seven days in our Poll Page. And obvs, there’s plenty to dish on this week: Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s collab remixes, Nick Jonas‘ split from Delta Goodrem, the most emotional ep of Glee eh-ver, and much, much more.

We’ll start with something simple…

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  • Kirsten Snowman

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  • ildrud

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  • Akhilesh

    Oh My God,get over it!!This happened,what?,a year or so ago? He’s done egounh,he poured his heart out to Rihanna. She’s a slut and a manipulator and everyone know it by the way she posted naked pictures of herself and tried to get Jay Z to cheat on Beyonce with her. (Her videos haven done her justice either)The way that Rihanna jumped at all of the magazines and interviews right after it happened,made me think that she had everything to do with her own attack.(You didn’t even see any marks or scars on her like an regular abuse)She knew that Chris had a rough past and got over worked over some stupid text message,she was waiting for him to lose control so she could run over to Jay Z and get him to photo shop her photo. According to sources, Rihanna only had teeth marks and a few scratches when she got out of the car.And really,being a celebrity does change his status but he HAS taken anger management classes and saw a strink to talk about it. It’s not his fault that he has his problems but he does have a good temper and it takes ALOT of yelling and arguing and bickering to make him blow his top.Plus we never saw what HE looked like afterwards,did we? He was probably worst then she was because islanders like her are notorious for having bad tempers.

  • Souad

    02.10.11 at 11:03 pmnorth ntorhi think the reason why people are still upset @ chris brown is because he got off easy. mike vick was fired, lost 100 million dollars, went to jail for multiple years, fox news is calling for his death, he became a bench rider his first year back & had to claw his way back to the top etc and all that for hurting some dogs. its a story of redemption. chris brown beat up a girl to the point that her face looks like raw hamburger meat and his punishment is some lawyer fees, picking up trash on the highway and fake crying at award shows. i know people that got busted for pot that were punished worse. people were just as mad at kanye for interrupting taylor swift & lebron 4 leaving the cavs, niether or which were as bad as what CB did.

  • Furkan

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    • Elsa

      I Would Suggest a really Nice hang bag/clothes.. You can be cretviae and put two of her favorite CDs in the handbags.. Since you are trying to stay in budget there are really nice ones at target, walmart, kmart, etc. Good Luck Hun ! im Sure she’ll be happy with whatever she receives. <3

  • Christel

    I dont think Rihanna deserves to be back with Chris Brown. I get it he beat her once but it was three years ago. She ruined his career and there are so many other men in hollywood who beat their wives but get a free pass… Johnny Cash anyone??? So why all of a sudden is Chris the most hated guy in hollywood who will never be forgiven. I dont know about u but Im team chris brown because he deserves a second chance.

    • Uziel

      I agreeeee with you that Chris Brown would be the more kelily the next King of Pop than Justin. FOR SURE! But I haven\’t heard a word of aaaanyone calling Justin Bieber the next King of Pop .. or just because he\’s white.Oh , The 3 people that put this answer a thumbs down are Justin Bieber fans; I know it. ITS OBVIOUS.

    • Marktoto

      , I also think that the move on Rihanna’s part has to do with the understanding of her inonvlmevt in the incident. Face reality, Chris didn’t just go HAM on her because he likes beating up people. What was her role in the incident? Did she provoke him? Too much in our society are women allowed to belittle men and remove any ounce of pride and respect men have for themselves, because society favor’s women over men. I’ve watched some pretty interesting videos where women are just beating the shit out of a man, and the man finally turns around an punches the chick in the face.While it’s a no-brainer that traditional women (and I say that because we have non-traditional women in our soceity, and you know who i’m talking about) are no physical competition for a traditional man, there is a little thing called common ground , where if you step into a debate with another, you better be willing to accept all blows.Now, am I saying she did anything TO provoke him? NO, but what I am saying is, WE don’t know what her role in the incident was, so judging chris brown is ridiculous and selfish of society.I mean, really, all EVERYONE knows from the story is Chris beat her up Even if she was questioned by authorities, it wouldn’t matter because that information wouldn’t have leaked to us.I’m sure Rihanna is a nice girl, but like most women, there is always a level of insecurity. She found a text she didn’t like from him, and the rest is history So, from my perspective, it seems like she may finally be owning up to HER responsibility in the incident and saying it’s not right to allow him to suffer for something WE were BOTH involved in .Mature shit

  • Sam

    i really hope rihanna and chris brown aren’t back together. she can do so much better than a girlfriend beater.