Twitter Chatter: The Best Celebrity Twit Pics of the Week

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demi-lovato-twit-pic-braceletsUnlike last week’s Twit pics, this week’s are a bit more random. Not in terms of celebs or anything — we’ve still got pics from our usual faves like Demi Lovato, Rihanna and Kardashians — but in terms of like, theme. Nope. No theme this week. But regardless, we think you’ll still have a mighty fun time skimming through the pics in the gallery below. There’s sleeping boy bands and gleeks on vacay. Need we say more?

Ariana Grande

@arianagrande Luv this pic! It's me & @keshasuxx together in the studio! We had lots of fun. Can't wait 4 u all 2 hear the music!

Lea Michele

@msleamichele In anticipation of tomorrows very memorable episode.. We took this photo.. We call it GLEE-MAIDS..

Victoria Justice

@victoriajustice Morning UK-stersss! ;{). I'm having a very vintage & fun morning! Love a good 50's style photo shoot. #throwback xo

Rebecca Black

@msrebeccablack Got to hang out with @thefinebros yesterday!! They've got a buuuunch of new stuff coming out soon so stay tuned!!(;

Bella Thorne

@bellathorne On my way to John carter!:) with my Z boo and my brothaaaa

Lea Michele

@msleamichele Look at these handsome men...

Miranda Cosgrove

@mirandacosgrove Me and my cozy sweater :)

Demi Lovato

@ddlovato I LOVE my new bracelets, thank you Nialaya!!


@rihanna Who wants some #CAKE ???????????

Chris Brown

@chrisbrown VA we out ! Hoppin on the Jet back to Florida

Jenelle Evans

@PBandJenelley_1 New hair, can't see it too well But I just got highlights... Nothing special lol

Jay McGuinness

@jaythewanted So @sivathewanted doesn't know about our US/Canadian Itunes position yet- him and Ryan fell asleep during Tron.

Erica Dasher

@erica_dasher THANK U 4 TUNING IN!!! Now I'm off to eat mexican food with @TheRealNickRoux and our showrunner @aprilblairjbd!! xoxox

Kylie Jenner

@kyliejenner HAHAHAHAH @KimKardashian @RobKardashian im dying!

Harry Styles

@harry_styles Liam.

Nick Jonas

@nickjonas #FOUR!!

Ian Somerhalder

@iansomerhalder Beautiful beautiful stuff Gus&Scout.My headphones are happy-get a record deal so I can have more:)Me&Gus on mountain

Chloe Grace Moretz

@chloegmoretz Pink hair streaks ;)

Cory Monteith


Jordin Sparks

@jordinsparks Morning! On the set of my @att shoot! Excited for you to see it! :)

Lea Michele

@msleamichele @steph_hart catching me taking in the morning view..

Kendall Jenner

@kendalljenner Oh ya @clm_motorcars

Emma Roberts

@emmaroberts Me and the wonderful @skotcof freezing

Cody Simpson

@codysimpson The Norva


@snooki Boss lady status :]

Carlos Pena


Jarett Wieselman

@jarettsays Playing a little game of "A or B" with #PLL star @KeeganAllen

Kim Kardashian

@kimkardashian Lookie lookie Mason sneaking a cookie!

Naya Rivera

@nayarivera Joyride! @brianbowensmith

Dianna Agron

@diannaagron This happens in tonight's episode. And a lot of other surprises.

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  • Leander

    I am really einjyong this series Chuck and I am totally honored to be a part of it. I am thinking I might attend a class this coming year on the Blacker House chair. That’s a nice way to work through it in a reasonable amount of time. We’ll see. Busy busy busy. Good luck my friend and see you at WIA!

  • Hannah

    hahaha codys mine botchs

  • Naomi

    Hi Victoria and Ariana i love u both and were all from Florida thats awesom!!!

  • Hannah

    I love victoria’s hair u loook diff

  • LOL


  • Lol…it’s ME!

    Hmmm, Ariana looks so cute, awww! Selena is ALWAYS with random people, just standing there -.- Bella’s…well, look at how big Zendaya’s head is compared to Bella’s! Not hating! I love them both! I watch their show everyday etc…but Bella’s face is so narrow! LOL! Anyway, not hating. I’m a dedicated Bellarina and Z – Swagger, loves <3 xo.

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  • Sam

    i like ariana’s, bella’s, demi’s, rihanna’s, kylie’s, harry’s, kendall’s, and carlos’