Everything You Need to Know About Justin’s New Single, Katy’s New Gig and More!

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Aimee Teegarden, aka that girl from Friday Night Lights and PROM, is going to be a new show! It’s called The Selection, and she’ll be playing a Katniss Everdeen-like character “who is chosen by lottery to participate in a competition to become the next queen of a war-torn nation at a crossroads,” according to our BFFs Just Jared Jr. Hunger Games rip-off? Kinda, but we’re excited nonetheless!

What do you think of Justin’s new song? Will you watch Katy on Raising Hope? Will you tune into The Selection and read the book it’s based off of that comes out in April? It’s your turn to dish!

Get Details on The Hunger Games Tour and More!

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  • Jon

    With this song, I’m initiating a new personal policy. Every time an artist/group collaborates with JB, I’m going to delete all of their works from my library. I’m sick of people selling out their talent for a boost in fame. While everything he touches may turn into commercial gold, Aesthetically it turns into a giant steamy pile of dog crap. JB ruins yet another song. It could have been great FEM; as of today, you are dead to me.

  • ShallonLesterIsAssholeBitch

    i like asians.

  • Belieber

    u guys in the comments are stupid… except for sam, sam your cool…. but to you two, you guys dont have anything else to do so go get a life, yeah you should have read in the tittle, Justin is ft. in it. so why bother to listen to it if you dislike Justin? screw you guys. i happened to love the song so quit hating.

    • ShallonLesterIsAssholeBitch


      – This nigga knows what im talking about.Amen

  • Naomi

    Honestly, it’s going to be hard to take Justin Bieber even more seriously. You can tell that his voice is changing. As for the song, it’s the same manufactured garbage that is being put out. Excuse me while I go listen to REAL music.

    • omg

      Garbage? Yeah right, this is your opinion, say it to yourself, people may think your music is garbage, its your opinion, keep it to yourself.

      • Naomi

        It’s called freedom of speech. So….yeah.

  • Sam

    i love his new song! it makes me want to get up and dance!

  • ….

    great song……… but Jb ruins the song!

    • ?

      How did he ruin the song? He sings the chorus, the best part, and he makes up 60% of the song. He sounds amazing. Without him, it wouldn’t be a complete song, what the hell are you talking about?

    • Jon

      Thank You! Same thought…. The chorus should be where the song picks up, not where it curls up and dies. The geriatric set will love it for their water aerobics classes.