Justin Bieber Brings Back His “Bieber Hair”! (Pics)

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The Jelena instagram game lately has been, well, sucky. But after you hear what we’re about to write say, you’re going to have to forgive them. The Biebs uploaded just two pics this week but, no worries, that’s all we needed to make our week a million times better. He added these pics and said “Bieber hair kinda back.” Yup, we just fell in love all over again. Look at the new ‘do below!

Bieber hair kinda back

Are you happy about the Biebs’ hair change? We know we are, considering we’re open with how we feel about Justin Bieber’s style lately…

Tell us your thoughts right here in the comments!

Meet Justin Bieber’s Fave Lady Singer!

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  • Aya


  • aidelyn perez

    i love justin bieber hair yay hes so cute yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  • ashley

    love you

  • Kaylee

    Hell Yea!!!:)
    It’s bac!!!

  • bierectioner

    i missed the biebzz

  • lila

    I love how it goes in all the photos i locve you :’*

  • mikyah

    finally his lady killing hair is coming back yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Whaddafuq

    No ‘mo, but she looks even more feminine! O_O

    • Anonymous

      look loveyou

  • Emily

    YES!!!!! His old hair (imo) made him look like a girl. Now I’m not saying this as an insult, but I’m being serious. When I first saw it, I was like “who’s that? How did *she* get famous?”
    True story.

  • Hannah

    He’s had it for like a month now. You’re kinda late on it

  • Celeste

    Omg! i screamed when i saw the pictures! so glad the flip is coming back :)

  • nataly carbonell

    F A I L !!! jbprrincess lol

    • Colleen

      DOUCHE BAG but yes.. seriosly? yea that is the best way for a stsliyt to get what your talking about or you could also say.. I WANT TO LOOK LIKE A DOUCHE BAG! and he will know ohhhhh justin beiber

    • Leonery

      Oh, it’s amazing srpots car. that the car i dream of. I am one of Justine Bieber fan, even here in Philippines he is so popular with his single baby, almost all teenager here know his song, he is a great child singer of this year, and i can’t surprise if he has this kind of luxury car, because i know Justine deserves of what he pursue in his life. A wonderful success that come to his life that change his life not only to have this srpots car but also for luxurious life. Your the man justine, i salute you.

  • Belieber

    justin,mir ist egal wie du deine haare trägst,
    haubtsache du gefällst dier und deine fans
    mögen dich!!! :)

  • Sam

    omg! i’m so glad it’s back!

    • Pash

      wow ok wtf this isnt even his car!! he has a rangerover i higlhy doubt tht his mom would let him get tht. and i hvnt seen him drive tht before. ok here is a word to JUSTIN BIEBER im not like a crazed fan or anythin i think ur just a normal lucky kid thts got straight up talent, but im not crazed over u i play hockey and i think ur cute too but again im not like 1 of those crazy fans! ur pretty cute justin and maybe someday u could try dating one of ur NORMAL fans (mee) i listen to some of ur music and thts bout it lol

  • jbprincess

    Hey I am not going to be a Downer but I do not care or like justin I don’t know the Guy so idk who he really is sorry

    • nina

      then y does it say “jb princess”

      • Amy

        the Jonas Brothers were called JB way before Justin Bieber started his career.

      • britt

        @amy ….true

    • cullenbieber13

      have u been living under a rock!!!!!????