I’m Hot For Teacher: 8 Teachers We’d Love to do Homework With

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Let’s face it, sometimes school is a big ole drag: too much homework, gross cafeteria lunch, gossipy mean girls and those teachers who you’re pretty sure has it in for you. TV high schools are way different. We rarely see homework being assigned, I swear some cafeterias serve sushi, our fave characters are usually the gossipy mean girls, and the teachers are HOT… not all of them of course, but there are plenty of scruffy, young, pop culture loving teachers that I would be more than happy to learn a lesson from, or daydream about while pretending to understand trig.

Check out our 8 hottest of the hot TV teachers. Education can be fun!

Mr. Shuester from Glee
Sue Sylvester might mock his chin dimple, but aren’t we all majorly in looove with it?! And have you seen Mr. Shue’s abs moves? Daaaaamn!

Mr. Daniels from Life Unexpected
Any guy that makes me climb up a billboard on a date gets an “A” for originality, even if my parents didn’t approve.

Mr. Carpenter from Ringer
He may be a bad teacher and an even worse influence, but I just look at him and see Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars and start to swoon.

Mr. Forrester from Gossip Girl
I mean seriously, how could Serena be expected to resist?!? An Ivy League education isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anyway.

Mr. Fitz from Pretty Little Liars
Aria might’ve met Ezra at a bar before she knew he was her teacher, but she would’ve fallen for him no matter what he did for a living. You just can’t resist his geeky-hotness.

Mr. Cyr from Parenthood
I don’t know if it’s the baby face, the literary quotes, or the quick-witted banter that gets me… but Mark Cyr makes me blush.

Mr. Matthews from 90210
Yes, I admit it. I miss Mr. Matthews. I miss his scruffy face, shaggy hair, multitude of cool guy vests and messenger bag. And let’s be honest, anyone that Kelly Taylor likes is good enough for me.

Mr. Saltzman from The Vampire Diaries
Rick is no regular history teacher: the guy kills supernatural beings, wears a magical ring, his best friend is a vampire and the fact that he looks hot shirtless is almost beside the point.

Which TV teach is the hottest? Did I leave any out? Please tell me everything in the comments, k?!

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15 Responses to "I’m Hot For Teacher: 8 Teachers We’d Love to do Homework With"

  1. Teen.com
    Lisa says:

    I think i would have been better in Spanish with Mr Schuster and in history with Mr Saltzman… damn! Why do all the real life teachers are not as hot as them?

  2. Teen.com
    jahna says:

    Mr. Shuester is hot :) :) i would love for him to be my teacher

  3. Teen.com
    Ren says:

    Alaric of course!

  4. Teen.com
    Emily says:

    I think you’re forgetting a certain Mr. Max Medina!

  5. Teen.com
    Desi says:


  6. Teen.com
    Cathy says:

    Ezra Fitz defo <3 but Alaric is also a hottie

  7. Teen.com
    Sarah says:


  8. Teen.com
    Kirstie Carroll says:

    Mr. Saltzman! Gotta love Matt Davis! ;)

  9. Teen.com
    Hena says:


  10. Teen.com
    sarah says:


  11. Teen.com
    Cony says:

    Mr. Fitz :D I love ian harding is so cute

  12. Teen.com
    sam says:

    ıt’s awesome.
    ı’d do that homeworks everydayyy………………………….

  13. Teen.com
    LOL says:

    They Are All My Type…………Older And Sexy!!!!! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Teen.com
    Sam says:

    forrestor is pretty cute

  15. Teen.com
    Jenni says:

    Fitz :D <3

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