The 7 Hottest Kisses on Pretty Little Liars

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This is news to, um, no one, but Pretty Little Liars is one of the sauciest shows on the air right now. While we still don’t know who “A” is (but we’ll find out so soon!), we do know that we just can’t get enough of Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and all their romantic entanglements. In honor of the love lives of our favorite Liars (and for our own guilty pleasure), here are seven of the best kisses we’ve seen on the show so far. Ready to swoon?

Wren and Spencer’s First Kiss
Okay, so this kiss doesn’t have the greatest ending because it, um, stops. But the buildup is perfect. The almost-touch, the breathy tension, the fact that Wren is just HOT–there’s something horribly wrong about kissing your sister’s fiance (for a second time, to boot), but also something really, really sexy.


Emily and Maya in the Movie Theater
Emily’s normally a shy kind of girl, but this no-holds-barred affection is so captivating it makes her drop her popcorn. We can’t argue. The movie theater is still the ultimate make-out zone, especially if it’s just you, your special someone, and a scary movie that makes you want to get super close.

Aria and Ezra’s Parking Lot Kiss
This kiss defines the word epic, if a little bit irresponsible (hello! you’re still on school grounds, guys!), but we’re going to turn off our common sense for a while because this is a television show and we want to live in the moment too! Aria jogs slow motion through the halls, through the parking lot, and in a running jump kisses her man in the post-rain glow of sunlight. Worth it? Totally.

TV Fiends

Toby and Spencer’s Carnival Kiss
Mrs. Hastings doesn’t approve of her daughter’s budding relationship with pseudo bad boy Toby Cavanaugh, and Spencer nearly betrays her own heart at her mother’s behest. After a traumatic incident in the Rosewood carnival’s fun house, Spencer sees a forlorn Toby waiting outside. At first, Spence walks away with her mother and sister, but then makes the last-minute sprint into Toby’s arms. Oh, the longing!


Hanna and Caleb Kiss (And Um, Do More!) in a Tent
So IRL, this may actually be an awkward kissing position, but Hanna and Caleb make it look so, so smooth. We all know what happens afterward, but since that can’t be shown on TV, we’ll just focus on what we do know: their make-out intensity and forehead-to-forehead eye contact is super hot. We’re taking notes.

The Angst Report

Spencer and Alex in the Country Club Kitchen
Um, in what scenario would Spanish dancing with a hot dude notend up on this list? Especially when it ends in a make-out sesh pressed up against the kitchen counter.


Aria and Ezra in the Rain
For a moment at the beginning of this season we thought that Aria and Ezra were done for good due to Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery’s interference. In another epic meet-up in the rain, Ezra lets Aria know that she’s the one for him. Again, not the most responsible move, but their kiss literally stops traffic.

So, in your opinion, what’s been the best PLL smooch so far? Did we miss your fave? And who’s your fave PLL couple? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Zonele vuke

    They are so cute together

  • Mzon


  • loren

    ezra and aria in the rain there my favourite couple and my other fav couple is hanna and caleb

  • chelle

    Emily and Maya, LOVE THEM! <3

  • Anonymous


  • SarahNeverBeenHere

    The hottest is, like, Caleb and Hanna (and Do More LOL) and even though I don’t really like
    les (y’all get what Im saying) people, Emily and Maya were pretty hot….(that sounds SO SO weird)

  • Katherine

    I like both the parking lot kiss and the kiss in the rain by Aria and Ezra. 😉

  • Caitlin

    I love toby! I really don’t like maya and emily’s kiss, not that I’m against that or anything, but maya really sucks now!

  • Hanna

    Aria and Ezra could fill a whole list on their own!

  • Marion

    Hannah and Caleb in the tent :)

  • Shakira

    Ezra &Aria in the rain and the parking lot :( And Emily & Maya 😉 There at Hot!!

  • wren

    Emily and maya!

  • As

    Rain <333

  • Rochelle

    Ezria so freakin cute i could die 😀 <3

  • Murja

    So so much intrestyn….buh no Ezra n Aria..””Lol

  • Zenedowa Bradley

    I am native american, central american indian, black hispanic, german,irish, and a scottish decent. Im a mutt 😉

    – Zenedowa Bradley

    • Zenedowa Bradley

      i look black but i have freckles and strawberry blonde hair and mainly blonde hair near my hair line : p

      -Zenedowa Bradley

  • Mikah

    Also Spencer and Toby’s kiss in Toby’s car right before they spot Spencer’s dad in Jason DiLaurentis’s house. They’re adorable….perfect together. I can’t wait for Toby to come back next week. I read a spoiler on Pretty Little Liars wikia that says they have a kiss next week or the week after. Maybe in this seaon’s finale which is in just a few weeks :)

    • Daniela Schlesinger

      Finale! And I loved that kiss scene! Spoby is my favorite couple :’)

      • Farzin

        Spoby is also my favorite couple. There was also the scene where Spencer gives Toby the truck.

  • Meli

    Aria and Ezra in the Rain

  • katherine smith

    caught in between parking lot and rain kiss. lol.

  • sam

    the 2 ezria kisses:)

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