From Our BFFS: Think This is the Funniest One Direction/Justin Bieber Mashup Ever?

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There’s pretty much nothing better on this planet than a mash-up of One Direction and Justin Bieber. Oh wait. Yes there is. This LOL-worthy version of the songs. Who needs lyrics when you have laughter?!

Do you like Lucy Hale and Chris Zylka as a couple? We know our answer to that question… [Wetpaint]

Katy Perry may no longer be a wifey, but girl still needs to know how to cook. She paid how much for cooking lessons?! [Hollywire]

Is that Britney Spears lookin’ all sexy in her skivvies? Oh, wait. No. That’s…. Madonna. [Just Jared]

Speaking of Brit, is she going to be the new X-Factor judge? Who knows. But Avril Lavigne could be in, too! [J-14]

Aw, Rihanna was so cute when she was little! Can you guess these other celebs from their baby pics?! [Posh24]


Remember when Selena Gomez got a tat last week and everyone thought it was a heart and dedicated to Justin Bieber? Nope. It’s just a music note. Calm down, people. [Cambio]

So many Potterheads are just not ok with its Oscars snub last night. How do you feel about it?[Huff Post High]

Jennifer Lopez‘s Oscars nip-slip was just not cute. Here’s how to avoid it yourself! [gURL]

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5 Responses to "From Our BFFS: Think This is the Funniest One Direction/Justin Bieber Mashup Ever?"

    Abbie says:

    lol worthy! its so stupid that i laughed so. freaking.hard lol

    Haley says:

    Yeah I didn’t laugh….

    Sam says:

    that was hilarious!

    Marie says:

    that is one of the most retarded things i’ve ever seen. it was awesomely stupid but in a weird twisted backwords upside down squint your eyes kinna way, i enjoyed that :)

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