Citizen’s Arrest: Why People (Like Us?) Should Stop Policing Celebs’ Style

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You have the right to remain silent on the red carpet, anything you say against my style choices, accessories and makeup will be held against you in the court… of fashion. Do you understand these rights that I have read you and that I don’t make fun of your outfit, so why do you get to make fun of mine?!

Wouldn’t it be cool to see our favorite actors turn the tables on those “fashion experts?” I mean, who put them in charge anyway?

I love watching red carpet shows. LOVE!! Love seeing all my favorite celebs. Love the first-timers taking in their moment. But something has been missing from fashion lately… FUN! Ever since the fashion dictators (ya know, like the Fashion Police on E! News) came onto the scene I feel like everyone has been playing it safe. There are exceptions of course, — Lady Gaga in an egg, Nicki Minaj in a nun’s habit — but they are few and far between.

And now, with stylists and best & worst listss it seems that celebs dress to please everyone but themselves these days. You know what I’m talking about: the march of one generic dress after another, memorized designer names, and borrowed jewels. And I know, I know, is guilty of it too and sometimes it’s fun, but sometimes, I just kinda feel badly for the celebs.

Truth is, I’m no fashionista, and I’m not in the public eye, so obviously I don’t know the pressures of the red carpet first hand. But us regular folk are under pressure too; we all want to look good. We don’t want those sideways glances when we try out our new black horn-rimmed glasses. We don’t want to hear those snickers while we try and figure out which PLL girl’s style is best for us.

ABC Family

I’m definitely influenced by the fashion I see in magazines, TV and movies, but what I’m not influenced by are people’s opinions. I’ve always been the kind of person who loved going shopping by myself. It’s my zen place. I totally respect my friend’s opinions about life, love, jobs, family, money, but I never ask them what they think about my style. I may end up loving something one week and totally hating it the next, but I don’t wear something because someone else tells me they like it or hate it. I own my style. I’ve definitely made some fashion mistakes (clothes two sizes too big was a major high school blunder! I’ve burned all those pics.) but if clothes are an extension of our personalities, at least I expressed myself.

Let’s put the F-U-N back in fashion and the fashion police behind bars! Are you with me? Do you think fashion critics take the joy out of celebs’ style? Are best & worst dressed lists too harsh or are they necessary? Be honest with me in the comments!

Editor’s note: This is just one writer’s opinion. We’re still going to talk about the Best Dressed and Worst Dressed celebs weekly.

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3 Responses to "Citizen’s Arrest: Why People (Like Us?) Should Stop Policing Celebs’ Style"

    Punchyy says:

    It’s a vessel, not an egg

    Sam says:

    i didn’t understand nicki’s grammy outfit and lady gaga’s egg thing was just plain wierd.

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