Everything You Need to Know About Snooki’s Pregnancy, Big Time Rush’s Summer Tour & More!

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After denying the rumors just last month, sources confirm that Snooki‘s actually pregnant! According to E!, she’s about 3-4 months along with her little bun in the oven. And to put the icing on the cake, she’s also been [reportedly] trying on $500k engagement rings. Is she planning on marrying baby-daddy Jionni LaValle, too? Looks like Snooks is growing up… fast!

Let’s head on over to the music scene…

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  • Natalie

    Feel bad for that baby bcuz she’s a SLUT. Yea she may be a great mother but her life style and who she is as a person on camera will fuck her kids life up. She’s just dirty.

  • kandiss

    I Think she’ll be a great mom. And if you were payed as much as her you would be on the Jersy Shore show too, I know I would and I have 3 kids!!!

  • Olivia

    You never know Snooki could be a great mom, just because you watch her on the t.v doesn’t mean you know everything about her! pshh

  • Omia

    Omg snooks my sisters in delivery and her son will be born tomorrow.If this isn’t just a rumor I’m happy for you and hope you end up being a great mom

  • Selena

    Snooki as a mom OMG

    • liz403;)

      ikr its a lil scarry :/

  • aniya

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg i would not think this in a million years congrats girl

  • Emily

    I can’t believe this is true. I agree with Lia. No child deserves to grow up in a community surrounded by people like Snooki :/

  • Me

    Snooki as a mother? Hate to be mean, but that thought scares me…

  • Sam

    congrats snooki, but it may just be a rumor!

  • Jillian

    I hope she gives the baby up for adoption

    • Omia

      That’s really mean and just because she’s on jersey shore doesnt mean she can’t be a mom

      • Stephanie

        I agree with you ..<3

  • Lia

    If this is actually true, I feel really bad for her child. No kid should grow up around people like the ones on Jersey Shore.

    • Marie


    • Stephanie

      Just because she’s on Jersy Shore it dosent mean she is like that in real life…………..