Celeb Battle: Are You Team Peeta or Team Gale?

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hunger-games-team-peeta-team-gale-pollWe know The Hunger Games movie hasn’t officially come out, but come on — it has in your hearts, right? And it’s not like you haven’t read the books eight times and stalked Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth since they got cast, huh? It’s ok. We admit it too. So in preparation for the huge movie franchise coming out in oh, about 3 weeks or so, we figured we’d get the ball rolling by pitting Peeta against Gale in this week’s celeb battle.

You know you have a fave. So who’s it gonna be — Katniss’ Hunger Games competitor slash kinda crush Peeta, aka Josh? Or her childhood BFF and also kinda crush Gale, aka Liam? You know what to do. Just leave your vote below and tell us why you’re Team Peeta or Team Gale in the comments!

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  • Chloe


  • AN

    Gale sucks! like big time. Peeta is way better, and cuter. Gale is majorly UGLY and if Gale lovd her somuch, why didn’t he volunteer? Well, Peeta did, andthats why Im TEAM PEETA, ALL THE WAY.Gale sucks, and is responsible fr killing Prim. And how did Katniss pick in the end/? PEETA, and had two children with him so ha!
    Gale sucks

  • Darcy xx

    Team Peeta xXxXxXxXxXxXx katniss and peeta should totally be together they r so cute and peeta was willing to die 4 katniss loads of times. Gale is sweet but Team Peeta 4ever xxxXXxXxXxXxXxXxxx

  • caillou 13

    im team peeta, peeta was in the hunger games he help katnis and he stuck with her he didnt let any one valenteer for him even thought hatchmas was the person that was exspose to in the game with her so peeta volenteered because he loves her and in the first one when peeta got chosen why didnt her volenteer for peeta so he could make sure she was alright i mean i get that he stayed and watched katnis family but if he cared enough and loved her enough he would at least volenteered to make sure and plus gale only thinks of him self and peeta in catching fire when she had bad dreams she wanted peeta to stay with her he did he loves her and cares and while katnis is being selfish and not deciding on who she is gonna be with peeta is letting her kiss him and act like they really love eachother when they d but there are having trouble showing it well at least katnis is but then when Gale killed prm that shocked me and the way Gale took care of it i dont quite get him yet but i seriously want to with him luck with all that drama going on and mstly peeta wants more he wants what any guy should wants a love life he andkatnis would have a great one going if it werent for GALE im serious i cant stand how Gale and katnis get slong and when they both katnis and peeta promised stuff to hamitch , hamitch made sure that katnis would come home safly and peeta they would find a way to get him but what im trying to say is that i like no no no i love peeta hers som advise go for the person who u care about and love the most and the one person who loves u and cares for u and only wants the best for u and ur loved onesdont pick the one who may care for u and u say u loe deep down ur having touble with that still…I LOVE PEETA and i think peeta deserves katnis and katnis deserves peeta… THEY WERE MENT… PICK PEETA not GALE ………………..GO PEETA GET THAT GURL