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 Who would’ve thought that in just one week, Snooki and Jionni LaValle would announce that she’s not only prego — they’re engaged, too! And that’s not all the dish we learned: Emma Stone‘s nominated for a spesh award, Toby’s back on Pretty Little Liars, Jessica Simpson took naked pics… and put them out for the world to see! We swear, this week was jam-packed with goodies. So it’s only fair that we gossip about it with you guys in our handy-dandy Poll Page, right?

Let’s begin…

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  • Dakshayini

    I love this monthly post that you do … here is my 2cents worth:I toallty agree with you about Ben … mmmh very nice!Bradley Cooper …. not so crazy about his hair in these picturesBritney Spears …. it hardly looks like herCameron Diaz …. whats up with her expressions? She looks scared and sad and they really could have gotten better pictures of her, she’s gorgeous Mr Tatum … o my word! YUM!! So glad he was vote People’s sexiest man!Ewan McGregor … can’t say anything bad about the man, he is just niceLeighton Meester …. I like the photos I just don’t like her hairMarion Cotillard … the pictures are strangely Christmas-ish … must be the red and the tin soldier Nicole Kidman …. she looks so young in these picturesSelena Gomez … I love her in the red dress

  • Hasny

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  • Zhoya

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  • Munna

    yay i was so happy to see my sexy man drake on here and seventeen its not aka Aubrey Graham drake is his mddile name but also his music name get it right!

  • Lauren

    Logan Lerman is so hot. He’s way out of Lily Collins’ league.

  • Katherine

    Um, Logan Lerman is totally in lily Collins’ league. In fact, she’s not in HIS league. He is totally as hot as Zac Efron and Taylor Lautner.

  • elva

    i think ashley is so much prettier well everyone has differant opinions

  • Marie

    i <3 lucy hale & ashley benson, but lucy hale is much prettier

  • Sam

    omg! the lying game was epic! i love that show and i was so shocked at the very ending!

    • Francis

      Taylor,Your smile is so infectious in the it gets beettr video, but it’s missing in the headshots! Don’t let those silly NYC photographers hide your light.Keep smiling,Jeremy