Celeb Battle: What’s Your Fave Disney Show, Jessie or Shake It Up?

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jessie-shake-it-up-disney-show-battleOur fave thing here to do at Teen.com is spark debate. No really. Did you see how fired up people got over our battle between One Direction and The Wanted!? And so this week, we decided to make our celeb battle between two of our readers’ fave Disney shows.. Jessie and Shake it Up. And since Jessie came out with its own clothing line this week like SIU already has, it only seems approps right about now.

So, which show do you like more? Debby Ryan as nanny Jessie living in a swanky NYC apartment? Or Bella Thorne and Zendaya as dancers on a Chicago-based dance show? Watch interviews we’ve done with both stars below, and then make sure to vote for your fave! You can only vote once per computer!

So what’s it gonna be? Debby’s show or Bella and Zendaya’s? You know what to do…duke it out in the comments!

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  • jessielee

    I LOVE JESSIE! and my name is jessielee

  • ultimate jessie fan

    i love jessie! i watch it, read about it and listen to it when i go to sleep! i watch it whenever i can! Words can’t explain how much i <3 it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hugo

    Shake it up because it has good songs and dance moves.. Plus a very nice storyline and CeCe and Rocky are so beautiful.. If you like dance, you doesn’t have to wait for a dance movies like Step Up.. just watch Shake It Up! Jessie sucks.

    • Ethan

      I just read that they are canceling shake it up at the end of the season! Has the world gone mad.well it’s a good thing I have a lot if computers.ill vote over and over again.were winning.suck it Jessie.the only thing shake it up could use is some more romance.i mean they are teenagers for god sake.when u are a teen it’s the time of love.well for me anyway.so keep voting guys.i will

  • Nikki


  • Julie

    Jesse because shake it up don’t have any fun in it maby if rocky and cece like hot a apartment together an then they had a party and they got in truble by there landlord but yea I say jesse because its lot fun yet and intertaning

  • caitlyn


  • lea

    i love shake it up <3 :)