From Our BFFs: Are You As Die-Hard A 1D Fan As This Girl?

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Remember all those overdone “$h*% People Say” Videos? Well, we think we’ve found the best one (and the one we relate to most) — $h*% Directioners Say! How many of these are you guilty of?

Miranda Cosgrove‘s saying “no” to one of Snooki’s fave GTL pastimes. Which one do you think it is? [HuffPost Teen]

We never thought Lea Michele would have something in common with Steve-O, but in fact they’ve shared this trait for years… [Wetpaint]

With all this talk about The Lorax, we nearly forgot that Zac Efron has another flick coming out! Fortch, we actually get to see his face in this TV spot… [J-14]

And while we’re talking about Zac, his (rumored) GF, Lily Collins, has another flick in the works herself. And this one’s with Logan Lerman! [Just Jared Jr.]

There may not be any more Harry Potter flicks in our future, but there’s finally a release date for a different Potter-y treat… [Cambio]

No need for long tresses to make you look beautiful. Rihanna and Willow Smith prove that you can still be bold by being practically bald! [Posh24]

What’s this? Kelly Clarkson‘s involved with another televised singing competition? [Hollywire]

Looks like Adam Levine‘s following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift… And Selena Gomez. And basc every other celeb ever. [Cambio]

We know that yesterday was International Women’s Day. But what exactly is it all about? [gURL]

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  • Jenny


  • Jane

    yes POTTERMORE!!!!!!!! and no 1 says 1/2 the stuff in dat vid nd most of it has nothing 2 do with 1D. the $h*% potterheads say is way better

  • lyrma


  • Anonymous

    that video was so stupid and annoying

  • me

    cant wait for pottermore (obsessed)

  • Jane

    yes pottermore is FINALLY coming. didnt get in early unfortch :(