From Our BFFs: Wanna Hear a Teen Girl Sound Like Every Animal Poss?

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What’s the most talented thing you can do with your mouth? (And not in a sick way.) This girl with her animal sounds has us beat by a long shot… [HuffPost Teen]

With Gossip Girl‘s on hiatus until April 2 — wah! — here’s the best possible way to kill the time: staring at 15 hot pics of Ed Westwick, duh! [Gossip Girl]

Speaking of GG, don’t you wish Michelle Trachtenberg AKA Georgina got more time on the show? We do. [Wetpaint]

One Tree Hill‘s nearing its series finale, but already one of the stars has a new show in the works! Can you guess who? [Hollywire]

Just like Shay Mitchell, Khloe Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and way more stars before her, Ashley Argota‘s also joining this special campaign… [Just Jared Jr.]

OMGOMGOMG, you have to watch this clip from The Hunger Games. We just wanna hug poor little Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark! [J-14]

Taylor Swift‘s “Safe & Sound” track for THG was awesome. So imagine what it’d be like if she did another song for the movie. Oh wait, she did! [Cambio]

Yikes! Chris Brown‘s current GF, Karrueche Tran, is being attacked by Rihanna (fans)! [Posh24]

How to deal with a separation, Katy Perry style… [gURL]

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  • Me

    Peeta Power

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  • rebecky

    omg haha thats f*cked up…but cool

    • Claudia

      Ew. Why would you want to? You have to be an actor. It takes a very long time to apply. I’m an actor and it took like 8 months to rcnfiom the audition Source(s): My evil partner, Barney -> >:3

  • Jillian

    That girl is like a jabber jay

  • Sam

    lol that girl who can imitate animals was pretty funny!