From Our BFFS: Do You Watch TV Like This?

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We wish this video of how girls watch TV didn’t totally describe us, but sadly (and hilariously), it does. Oh, and there’s a few F bombs in it, FYI, but it’s still worth a watch:

Are One Direction and The Wanted helping boy bands make a comeback? Um, we think yes. [HuffPost Teen]

Kristen Stewart looks so bad ass as Snow White it’s ridic. Just take a look at her at this trailer, for um, the new Snow White & The Huntsman trailer! [Hollywire]

Well, clearly the girl on fire has a thing for gold. Do ya like Jennifer Lawrence‘s dress from the London THG premiere?! [Just Jared Jr.]


Make sure you’re tuning into American Idol tonight, guys! Demi Lovato is performing! Yay! [J-14]

Forget Britney Spears. Darren Criss has been offered an X-Factor hosting gig! So, did he accept?! [Cambio]

Just what Lindsay Lohan needs, more legal troubles. Whatevs. At least her hair looks good. [Posh24]

Bored of your boring old room? Here’s how to paint a wall, girl style… [gURL]

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8 Responses to "From Our BFFS: Do You Watch TV Like This?"

      Nicole says:

      I don’t know…Finn likes to wear my heals and just yesterday we saw a grown man in open toed pumps pchurasing another pair of heels higher than anything I’ve ever worn. For real.

    Ali says:

    Man i haven’t watched her vids in forever!

      Raveendra says:

      I have NEVER understood that menlttiay, the, “OH, I have it WAY worse than you!” crap. You would think mom’s would stick together a little more, but you’re right, so many of them just try to tear each other down, or turn everything into a competition.

    Sam says:

    i love jenna marbles! she’s hilarious!

    Jillian says:

    Oh jenna!

    madison4 says:

    lol i love jenna marbles

      Laxmi says:

      You mean no one saw you BUT JESUS.In situations like these, I find it’s easy to make myelsf feel better by needlessly defacing public property. I hope the Metrolink has carpet like the DC rail and that you wrung your soaking pants out all over it.

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