Celeb Battle: Which Franchise Do You Like Better, Twilight or The Hunger Games?!

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A few weeks ago during our Peeta and Gale battle, you guys told us not to make The Hunger Games into Twilight with teams and such. But did we listen? No. No we did not. Because for this week’s Celeb Battle, we’re all about pitting THG and Twilight against each other. PLease don’t hate us and just hear us out.

We know the books/movies are totally different. But actually, they’re kinda not. Both have love triangles, both are things that would never actually happen IRL, and both have two hot guys reppin’ the two main dudes. Thank the lord for that one.




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So, which are you a bigger fan of? Kstew, Taylor and Rob’s movies? Or do you think you’ll like JLaw, Josh and Liam’s more? And what about when it comes to the books?! Duke it out in the comments and make sure to vote right here:

Tell Us If You’re Team Peeta or Team Gale!

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286 Responses to "Celeb Battle: Which Franchise Do You Like Better, Twilight or The Hunger Games?!"

  1. Teen.com
    Love of the Twilight & Hunger Games says:

    I love both of them.They’re really beautiful OK?

  2. Teen.com
    Ella Marie says:

    Can’t really choose on the films since THG isn’t out yet, but THG books are SO much better than the Twilight books. No contest.

  3. Teen.com
    Emily says:


  4. Teen.com
    Michelle says:

    come on mann!!!twilight is amazing :)

  5. Teen.com
    Kristen says:

    Vote Twilight. Twilight is 4-ever.

  6. Teen.com
    Gabriela says:

    I Love Twilight Twilight best forever

  7. Teen.com
    jules says:

    I just wish people would chill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a huge fan of Twilight yet I love The Hunger Games(so I may be a bit biased) but people are just taking this too seriously.

    Now I will say this; I don’t agree with them when they say that THG would never happen in real life. Newsflash- it actually could. We’re already showing signs of it by using other people’s pain as our form of entertainment.

  8. Teen.com
    Lexi says:

    I’m okay with Twilight passing the torch onto THG. Kristen and Rob are all grown up now and I’m looking forward to see what their adult careers will bring. Let THG kids take on the Tween crowds.

  9. Teen.com
    erisvania ferreira says:


  10. Teen.com
    Nadin says:

    The Hunger Games – vorever!!!

  11. Teen.com
    Mv1824 says:

    oh my god, the answer is so obvious, is TWILIGHT, the hunger games is so stupid, like the people that think the hunger games is better than twilight, you are wrong

  12. Teen.com
    hayley says:


  13. Teen.com
    Rachel says:

    Actually the whole point of the Hunger Games is that it COULD happen in real life. It holds up a mirror to our society and that’s why it’s scary. Have you people actually even read this book?!

    • Teen.com
      sarcasm says:

      Yeah, my opinion is, it will happen, andit’s too scary. The world is so close to hat. And just saw The Runnin MAn with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The same story… there is noting new nder the sun… In that story the man is the lead, in this the woman And just my mummy says, she prefers stong mans, she don’t want to be an indenpendent, strong woman anymore :)

  14. Teen.com
    Constance says:

    I love THG, but Twilight owns my heart. Forever <3

  15. Teen.com
    beka says:

    Trust me when I say the hunger games is just as huge in the UK/ Europe as it is in America

  16. Teen.com
    THGTwilight says:

    It’s sad that people want a comparison everywhere. THG and Twilight are both equally amazing and I LOVE both of them. Stop the hate!

  17. Teen.com
    PFF says:


  18. Teen.com
    Alonzal Brown says:

    Twilight all day on my end!!!

  19. Teen.com
    Pff says:

    THG is the plan B of Hollywood now that we won’t have HP and Twilight more… Poor guys, you are wining this because we don’t read this stupids blogs/websites. Twilight all the way!

    Harry Potter and Twilight > THG :)

  20. Teen.com
    THG?? says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if the final numbers for THG are less than Twilight’s. There’ve been numerous trackers(of BO numbers) already stating that while it is a new hype, they don’t expect it to go any further than 65 million during opening weekend. Furthermore, this new franchise seems to be a rage only in the USA. In Europe, there’s been no talk of it.

    • Teen.com
      lulzwhat says:

      Actually it’s projected to be 130-150 million opening week.

      • Teen.com
        Pam says:

        I hope THG movies will have success (even if I don’t like the Saga),but the fact that everybody is talking about how famous the actors will be and how THG will be the next phenomen,dosen’t mean anything.
        Media should wait until the movies are out in theaters before raising expectations. If it won’t be the next phenomen,it will be very disappointing for the cast,the fans and Lionsgate.

  21. Teen.com
    lol says:

    lol. Hunger Games. Katniss is such a whining person I couldn’t even read the first book. Doesn’t mean that Twilight is any good but I had less problems with it than THG.

    • Teen.com
      lulzwhat says:

      katniss is such a whiny person? have you even READ either THG or Twilight? Bella is clearly more whiny; and for the wrong reasons. I don’t believe Katniss has ever been whiny- sure she can be aggravating at times but definitely not “whiny”

      • Teen.com
        Constance says:

        That’s so pathetic. I read both, I love both, but sincerely THG fans are annoying. Look at you. Some random jerk says Katniss is whiny and you defend her by attacking Bella.

  22. Teen.com
    Jessie says:

    Really, people?! I love THG, but Twilight all the way! We’re talking about movie FRANCHISES! THG hasn’t even come out yet and although we know it will perform well, it has not left it’s mark. Twilight, on the other hand, has defined pop culture for almost four years, and it’s stars have become huge – for their celebrity and their abilities. People love to forget the old when something new comes out, but I think respect is deserved for all that Twilight has given us. I doubt there would be such an interest in turning YA books into films without Twilight (and HP, of course)

  23. Teen.com
    Aria says:

    Hey Hey Hey!! Leave that “team” STUFF IN TWILIGHT And keep it away from The Hunger Games! Things like that will lead to a “Vampires Suck” spoof of the hunger games! And that’ll Just Ruin the point of the hunger games!!
    The Hunger Games is about family, Caring, love and faith and survival and your choices
    While twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend!! (Not my quote, but the hunger games part was mine. Not the twilight)

    • Teen.com
      Pam says:

      So sick of people that says “this book is about blah blah blah…”. Did you need THG to know what is love,family,caring and faith? Books like HP,THG and Twilight don’t have to teach anything.
      If you like fantasy book,you should read HP. If you like romance books,you should read Twilight and so…HP shouldn’t be read because it teaches you what is friendship. The same for THG and Twilight.
      And even in Stephen King is THE WRITER,it’s obvious that him and you haven’t read Twilight.

    • Teen.com
      sarcasm says:

      And stop to compare the two. It’s about four years the media stood HP against Twilight. Now they make it with HG. Why oh, why? If somebody is interested in HP, than do that. If somebody interested in HG, than do. If somebody inerested in HSM, than do. If somebody interested in Twilight, than do. The four franchise is not about the same thing, even opposite. And the teens just jumping up. Forgetting that they made the Twilight huge, just four years ago…. Anf HG probably will bigger, just ecause the theme. The boyswill be interested in that. So just abig thing, that Twilight made that huge, because it is a woman-girl film, what never was in the film history.

  24. Teen.com
    sarcasm says:

    new toy by media :) and we teens allow them to play with us.

  25. Teen.com
    Claz says:

    I really enjoyed reading THG but I’m a Twilight girl at heart!

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