From Our BFFs: Wanna See What Cats Do During An After Party?

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This kitty may look like it’s powered by hydraulics, but nope. Just some ol’ fashioned club beats. We wish our pets would jam out like this…

AnnaSophia Robb and Austin Butler aren’t the only young stars we’re excited to see in The Carrie DiariesChloe Bridges was just added to the cast! [Just Jared Jr.]

There are characters on TV that we hate to love, and those we love to hate. These guys — like Chuck on Gossip Girl and Jake on The Secret Circle! — really toe both of those lines… [Wetpaint]

Thank you, Nickelodeon! There’s gonna be a show all about… One Direction!!! [M]

After collaborating with her ex twice since the infamous… incident, Rihanna‘s finally opening up about why she chose to work with Chris Brown. Is it wrong that it kinda makes sense to us? [Hollywire]

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are just too cute for words when they’re together, which just makes this gallery that much more enjoyable… [HuffPost Teen]

Here’s something we’ve never heard before: In a clip for Snow White & the HuntsmanKristen Stewart finally speaks. And it’s with a British accent! [Cambio]

Seems like Russell Brand‘s really on a downward slope. Not only is he separated from one of our hottest girl crushes, it looks like he’s in trouble with the law now! [Posh24]

Ever picture yourself on the cover of Seventeen, like Jennifer Lawrence and Lily Collins? Well, folks, it’s actually possible — and you’d get a ‘pretty amazing’ scholarship out of it, too! [Seventeen]

Password Journal. Dream Phone. Talkboy. Man, we miss ’90s technology. #nostalgia [gURL]

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  • Jasim

    Celebs shouldn’t curse at their fans, but in Miley’s case, it was toltlay acceptable! She took some of her precious free time to sign autographs for fans and then she says Honey, I’m sorry, but I have to leave and they call her an a**hole? She had every right to let out a What the f**k? . She’s just trying to enjoy her free time!!! Gosh!

  • Jay

    ^ same as sam

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  • Sam

    lol that’s so cute and funny!

    • Kalou

      I’ve been networking for over 40 years at lirraby conferences. One of the best conversation starters is to look at the person’s name tag and say that you’ve always been curious about what it’s like to live in [name of the city or state.] The question is quite neutral and one that the person should be able to answer without much thought.