Quiz: Which Boy Band Members Could Be Your Besties?

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Do you find yourself listening to One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” every day? Or start belting out The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” when you’re in the shower? Don’t worry, we’ve got the fever, too. But with all these boy bands coming out of nowhere, the one thing we’re stumped on is which one we’d be the most compatible with IRL. Which is why we’re giving you a chance to find out — which boy band members could be your besties?


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  • valarie


  • alyssia

    fun ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

  • taco

    I got the wanted ^.^ yay!!! I love them!!!

  • Maya

    I got the Jonas brothers as my result. I don’t even like their music. My favorite band could not be a result. My favorite band of all time is matchbox 20. I not that big of a fan of big time rush, one direction, or the wanted. I think their music is all right. I just don’t like the Jonas brothers. One direction, big time rush, and the wanted music is no where near as good as matchbox 20 songs.

  • kamini dhanpath

    Justice crew paulie marry me please :-)

  • Paige


  • ChristineTW

    The WANTED!! yeeey!! love them ♥

    • Gustavo

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  • Misty

    One Direction! Yea! :) sweet! Now all i need now is to ACTUALLY meet them lol 😛

  • allie

    i love csoft cookies 😉

  • lou

    hello im a girl who loves green

  • Jenn

    I’ll take Leftover Crack or the Subhumans. :)