The Many Hats of Spencer Hastings

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We totally envy Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily on Pretty Little Liars for their killer outfits. If only we were their BFFs and could raid their closets, right?! While each of the girls def rock their individual style, let’s be honest, they don’t always pull off what they’re wearing. Spencer, in particular, has a quite the hat collection. And we’re not hating on Troian again or anything, because some hats are kinda cute, but some, ya know, she should never ever wear again…


We don’t know what Spencer was thinking when she walked out of the house wearing this patchy mess. Let’s hope this hat stays in the far back corner of her closet never to see the light of day!

Alloy Entertainment

Uh… is Spencer trying to look like a train conductor?! This hat needs to go! How did our fave little liars let her walk out of the house wearing that?

Alloy Entertainment

We’re on the fence with this beige brimmed accessory. It’s cute, but also resembles one of our mother’s gardening hats or something. But Spenc just about pulls it off.

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Not many people can wear a beret quite as well as Ms. Hastings, but we’re not too sure of the matching sweater thing. While the hat screams preppy and sophisticated, the navy shirt makes it look like she’s wearing a (Rosewood) school uniform.

Alloy Entertainment

This hat is SO cute, you guys! Def the perfect accessory. We vote Spenc moves this to the front of her closet and lets “A” ruin the rest of ’em.

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So what do you think? Do you like some of the hats we hated on? Hate some of the ones we adored? And which little liars’s style is your fave? Let us know in the comments!

Is Spencer Hastings the Lost Little Liar?!

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  • Katurian

    “Not hating on Troian again” I hate you all seriously and she can wear those hats if she wants to. You seem to have forgotten that they have a stylist. It’s not like she chose to wear them.

  • Bass

    I think just someone with really personality dress like this. Spence is the one.

  • loren

    i think she suits all of them

  • Jayn

    Who dresses like this to school every day?

  • H.N

    I like her and her hats 😀

  • layla

    i really dont think the red one is cute

  • mirna_9452

    And that last 3 are only should be use if you go to the United Kingdom.

  • mirna_9452

    I don’t want to the vilan here but sometimes i must speak out for all the unique fashionistas. Let’s start with the first photo:
    The hat screams out a different personality than of the very actrice. I doesn’t suits her.
    Photo #2:
    Is she 12!? The hat only works when you wear the *right clothes and accessories.
    For instance, a tank top of any color with a navy coat with big gold buttons and 2 visible pockets that are topstitched. With jeans and navy converse. Don’t wear too much make up.* Be natural. Loose up your hair brushed and a little wild and wear a choker

  • stacy

    I dont think it looks good on u

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  • TDDD

    Love them all!

  • CHIZ!

    i like al of them

  • Ceairra

    I love them

  • Sam

    i like her sun hat!

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