Sorry, Josh Hutcherson! 5 Actors Who Would’ve Made a Better Peeta

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File this under “F” for first world problems, but my pet peeve is when producers cast a brunette to play a natural blond. It seriously drives me nuts. Why on earth was Nikki Reed, with her brown hair and eyes, cast as blond bombshell Rosalie Cullen in the Twilight saga?! Ugh. I mean, is there really a shortage of blonds in Hollywood? I think not.

And while I have a serious crush on dark-haired Josh Hutcherson, I just can’t believe he landed the role of Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games, who Katniss herself describes as stocky build and medium height with bright blue eyes and ashy blonde hair that falls in waves over his forehead.

Um, srsly?

And did I mention that Jennifer Lawrence is taller than him? I mean SRSLY people! So, I decided to play a little fantasy casting director and re-imagine the role starring some real-life flaxen fellas. Read on and tell me what you think about my updated staffing…

Freddie Stroma
The Harry Potter hottie was my number one choice to play Peeta. But, as a compromise, I’ll settle for a one-on-one date with him where we act out The Hunger Games script — especially the kissing scenes. :)

Kellan Lutz
Blond? Check. Blue-eyed? Check check. But Kel doesn’t exactly look like he’s 16. Then again, with a body like that do you really care? Yeah, me neither.


Hunter Parrish
The Weeds star was actually up for the role, but lost out to Josh. Do you think the Hollywood execs made a grave error by skipping Hunter for the part?

Zac Efron
OK, so he’s not blond either, but if it were up to me, Zac Efron would star in every movie ever made, none of them involving shirts. Zac seems to have perfected the tough-yet-sensitive character and besides, didn’t you like him and Vanessa Hudgens as a couple better than Josh and Vanessa Hudgens?!


William Moseley
The Chronicles of Narnia star may have to suppress his British accent to play a Panem tribute, but if Liam Hemsworth can un-Aussie himself, I’m sure Will could too. And even if he couldn’t, aren’t you willing to over look it? Swoon!

Who else would you like to see fill in for Josh? Or did the casting directors get it right the first time with their Peeta pick? To the comments!

See What Josh Hutcherson Will Look Like as an Old Man!

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229 Responses to "Sorry, Josh Hutcherson! 5 Actors Who Would’ve Made a Better Peeta"

    Gabsie says:

    I think josh is perfect for the part of peeta, and in case you’re colour blind his hair was actually blonde in the movie :) he pulls off the tough guy/broken guy/ in love guy role really well, and I don’t think any of the guys you would’ve recasted as him could’ve done that. None of them are even that hot, apart from maybe Zac Efron, but you had this thing about peeta bring blonde haired and blue eyed so you just contradicted your point. Besides, why are blue eyes and blonde hair so important? Are you Adolf motherfucking Hitler or something?

    Aniesa says:

    Anyway I still love Josh Huntcherson as Peeta.
    I mean he is Peeta!!!

    Brett says:

    I think that the casting of Peeta and Katniss was horrible. Both great actors and both have done a good job with the roles, but whoever cast them didn’t really care about how the book characters were represented. I don’t think the movies do the books justice because of the changes that have been made, in my mind they were critical parts for me personally.

    My next subject on a different thread will be about how dumb the third book was and how I was in a daze for hours after it ended like it did :)

    The short guy answers says:

    It’s obvious that the ONLY reason why you don’t like him is because he’s short. He is a great actor, he has been acting since he was 8, he knows is sh*t and played the role perfectly. Simply put, girls can’t stand short guys, they’re always bashing and hating on them for no reason.
    Hence, your stupid and shallow article.

    sydney says:

    josh is the perfect peeta theres no one else that could be a better one! one. josh may not be tall but he put on enough muscle for the role. two. his eyes if you look closely have specks of blue in them. if you really did have a crush on josh you would know that. and three his hair is perfect for the role. and if you dont think so you should just keep it to yourself. if this is the only thing you could write about for this website you need to get better material

    zzmmoo says:

    you like josh because he started to be peeta and you habituated on him and liked him….if someone else got his role you also couldn’t imagine someone else on his place because then you will habituate on him……everiohne is good for every role,they make him good for that role with makeup,clothes,caracter he has to act and simillar things!

    hungergamesgirl says:

    All of these guys are incredible actors and super hot. But when I pictured Peeta I didn’t picture a Calvin Klein model. I pictured someone who is has a strong build, and around the same height as Katniss. Peeta’s not supposed to have rock hard perfect abs I mean he’s a baker not a body builder.

    debbie says:

    None of them as cute as Josh,,, i always imagine that peeta is really cute, n Josh is perfect for peeta.. about his height, j-law is too tall for katniss, and maybe josh is too short for peeta, but that thing isn’t bother me at all when i watched the movie… both of them perfect for their role..

    Annie Cresta says:

    I still think Josh Hutcherson is petter as peeta than all of them.

    Mockingjay says:

    I couldn’t think of anybody that plays peeta as well as josh. Sure he’s a bit short but he’s absolutely amazing. He pulls of the lover boy looks really well and he’s everything I imagined Peeta to be. Everything else is just minor little details so seriously he’s perfect.

    cara says:

    you are right… he is shorter than jennifer, but he is cute and i think that he played really well. although, i think alex pettyfer would have played it weel too. about your other choices, there are few of them that i like, i’m not really a fan of any of them. sorry

    katniss says:

    I was really shocked after I read the book. Somewhat disappointed because the supposed-to-be-Peeta isn’t what i expected to see in the movie yet Josh was able to carry the role. Still it would be better if he IS a bit taller. lols!

    Anon says:

    peeta isn’t even supposed to be THAT buff

    nadine says:

    you should be judging them on how they act, not about “with a body like that do you realy care” kind of attitude. if ur looking just for a person to drool over then keep this garbage to yourself.

    N says:

    I don’t really mind if an actor/actress has to dye their hair for a role. Isn’t Jennifer naturally blonde? I do agree with Nikki Reed though I did not like her in the par of Rosile. But I think Josh pulled it off well, if only he were taller!

    Everlark says:

    I don’t care about the hair color, honestly I was so disappointed when I see that josh that play as peeta is shorter than katniss that played by jennifer lawrence because when I read the book I always imagine that peeta is higher that katniss, but well after I watched the movie I think josh is perfect with that role as peeta except for his eyes! josh’s are brown, not blue! when I watched the movie I’m hoping to see the blue-eyed peeta not brown-eyed peeta. lil bit disappointed, but well I can do nothing.

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