Celebs Who Should Go to Rehab (If “Exhaustion” Was Actually A Reason)

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We got ourselves a not-so-pretty situation here. And yes, that is taking a dig at The Situation, who just entered rehab for — you ready for this? — “exhaustion.” We know, it must be easy to burn out with such a hectic drinking work schedule.

But let’s just accept that this is true for a moment — that people really do need to enter a facility for simple fatigue. (This was Demi Moore‘s reasoning, right?) Then shouldn’t there be way more stars out there in need of treatment? Here’s just a couple that come to mind:

[DISCLAIMER: Rehab is not funny, folks. We’re merely saying that these celebs would need it if exhaustion was a real cause.]

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson — Considering the hours they put in every day for months to train for The Hunger Games, they must be drained. So worth it, though. Trust us.


One Direction — In our most recent interview with the guys, they told us they haven’t had a day off! Phew, we’re tired just thinking about their rehearsals, talk show appearances, and, oh yeah, a whole tour! Hope they take it easy.

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Selena Gomez — Although we loved watching Selly’s singing performances, it’s probably a good idea she’s giving it up for a while. Between going back and forth from movie sets to seeing her hottie boyf, she has enough going on.

Darren Criss — At one point, this guy was filming a movie with Kristen Wiig, working on Glee, singing with the other StarKids on tour and starring on Broadway all within a few months! Draining.

Chris Dzombak

Kellan Lutz, Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Lautner — Can you imagine the amount of dedication and time it takes to look like this??

Which celebs do you think should go to rehab for “exhaustion?” Do you feel bad for The Situation, or did he do it to himself? Tell us how you really feel!

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  • Awesome


  • Caya

    So they should go to rehab because theyre tired and work hard? booo!! They have cooks and people doing their laundary, waking them up, making them pretty…and theyre tired and should go…what about actual hardworking americans, people who work 4 jobs just to keep a roof and food for their famalies. And the definition of rehab is really rehabilitation= to introduce someone back into the world with healthy living skills, for drug addicts, eating disorder patinents, mentally sick people. Not rich people who are tired because they dance on a stage.

    • naver

      I totally agree with you.

    • justin bieber

      Please be mature. It says “if exhaustion was a reason”. They spend hours keeping you “hardworking” americans entertained. They work hard and get paid more than you, big deal. You need to chill.

  • Tash

    What’s the persons problem non of these poor people should go tah rehab

    • Maeve

      Yeah none of them should to rehab, I MEAN ESPECIALLY NOT JENNIFER LAWERENCE, JOSH <3 OR 1D. they want to be actors or singers and they have to that, that doesn't mean they have to go to rehab!

  • miss13

    what about Taylor swift? With her speak now world tour and her new album comes plus she is at almost every music award show.

  • Angel347

    Selena is fine! ( I guess)

  • Monyka

    I think this is actually quite hilarious 😛

  • Anonymous

    Oh, please. This is ridiculous.

  • Santana

    I think Selena should go.. if that were such a thing. haha. She seems so tired, and so stressed lately because she works so hard all the time!! She does tours after tours, then right after she films a movie, and is working on her album, keeping her fans happy, and keeping up her relationship with Justin. I think she should take a break, because i’m starting to worry about her :( i’m a huge Selenator, and if anything was to ever happen to her, I would die. So, I think she should just take a vacation and relax for a bit <3

  • Sam

    i don’t think any of them should go into rehab