From Our BFFS: Is This The Best Way To Cheat On a Test?

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Remember “The Whisper Song” from the Ying Yang Twins? Doesn’t matter, because this spoof of the song is a whole lot better (and cleaner). Because come on, who doesn’t cheat on midterms?!

Nope, no rivalry here. Kristen Stewart “can’t wait” to see The Hunger Games! [Hollywire]

Now that Mona has officially been revealed as “A” on Pretty Little Liars, we’ll be seeing lots more of Janel Parrish. She’s now a series regular! [Just Jared Jr.]

Glee has been on hiatus for, what, 3 months or so now? Good thing Kevin McHale‘s spilling deets on the rest of season 3! [Cambio]


And it looks like Glee is imitating life for Dianna Agron. She’s got a little love triangle of her own going on! [Wetpaint]

What a HUGE week for One Direction. First they announce their headlining tour and then their album breaks records? Thatta boys. [J-14]

Taylor Swift just had her very own trending topic! About… #cookies?! [HuffPost Teen]

Aren’t you so curious what celebs like Kim Kardashian order at Starbucks? Come on. Breaking news, people. [Posh24]

Kids these days might have iPhones and Facebook, but personally, we miss playing with these old school 90’s Barbie dolls. Ah, nostalgia. [gURL]

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  • Kemp

    Bravo Loved the article. I alawys teach folks to move about the cabin at events Don’t stay glued to the bar,cell phone..or in a chain gang with the same old folks they known for years.Best regards,Patricia

  • Irene

    so true about discovering our chercninuss. I never consider myself crunchy until after having kids. I actually grew up sorta crunchy and did not know just how “organic” we were. My mother had other crunchy friends too.

  • Sam

    that whisper song was kinda wierd

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