Poll Page: Tell Us Your Thoughts On This Week’s Celeb Goss!

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Chelsie Hightower and Roshon Fegan, DWTS Episode 1

How excited are you for The Hunger Games?! Can you believe One Direction’s going on their own U.S. tour?! And what do you really think of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” lyrics? Reveal all in the comments!

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  • kylia

    uhh they took some bad pics of katy and beyonce they didnt look there best roshon is soooo cute :::) and i love the song

  • Ijaz

    I LOVE the song! I think the lyrics are geouorgs! But I also think one would have to go through certain experiences to really get the lyrics and really feel the heartache. So, the song is not for everyone.And no offense to Matt, but I think his delivery could use more emotions?

  • brittnay

    Chris Brown has no t- shirt on he looks H-O-T

  • Giada

    Exactly! You’re absolutely right! I mean, I, even tugohh I know many people will put me the dumbs down and stuff here, always admit that I’m a big Justin Bieber fan. I know, like I don’t really like Twilight that much, (even tugohh I’ve read the books)but I don’t say anything rude or hurt some other Twilight freaks’ feelings! I don’t know what there are so many non-beliebers and haters here in this world! Justin Bieber sings really good and people shouldn’t make fun of his squeaky voice, and his voice is definitely changing! Don’t worry, also, I sometimes not only get made fun of being a Justin Bieber fan, but being a Harry Potter fan! What about them Twilight freaks, then, huh? Anyway, someday they’ll all be sorry. LOL JK So, do you like him or love him? Or do you just like his songs very much? I am a huge fan of his and know every single one of his songs! DDDDDD XD

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  • Belladonna

    YES! The Hunger Games already came out here in Aus! SOOOOO Excited!!! 😛 I MUST go watch!!!

  • CHIZ!


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  • Sam

    i’m super excited for the hunger games!