The Weirdest DIY Hunger Games Stuff on Etsy!

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Today’s the day! Okay, well technically it’s tomorrow, but we’re all going to the midnight premiere tonight, so… Happy Hunger Games everyone! And if these DIY Hunger Games posters didn’t bring out the fan girl in you, we’ve got even more merch that your parents’ money can buy! We admit that some of this stuff is pretty bizarre, but duh, we still want it…

1. Hunger Games Katniss Costume for American Girl – Yeah, you may not have touched your American Girl dolls in like, years, but here’s a way to make them totally awesome again. BUY HERE!

2. Set of Five Hunger Games Nesting Dolls – So we’re not entirely sure what you do with a nesting doll… but there’s a Peeta one and a Gale one so count us in. BUY HERE!

3. Buttercup – It’s our all-time fave character, Buttercup! Prim’s raggedy old cat totally doesn’t get enough credit. That little feline is obvs the start of the series. BUY HERE!

4. Coffee Cozy Crochet – District 12 – Hunger Games – This is the perfect product for really hardcore fans who want to represent their fave district when they are… drinking coffee. – BUY HERE!

5. Katniss Everdeen Gift Box Display – We’re not gonna lie, this is the coolest thing ever. Weird. But cool. BUY HERE!

6. “Peeta has nice buns” Pinback Button Badge – This is the perfect thing to put in the Katniss gift box! As huge fans of Josh Hutcherson’s Peeta’s buns, we seriously want. – BUY HERE!

7. Peeta Bread Earrings – Yum. Peeta bread on earrings. BUY HERE!

Which of these weird products do you actually kinda want? Have you already emptied out your wallet on Hunger Games merch? Tell us in the comments!

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17 Responses to "The Weirdest DIY Hunger Games Stuff on Etsy!"

    Jennifer says:

    Hey guys!! Im a HUGE hunger games fan!! Anyone know where to get the hunger games pin!!?!?! and the CHEPEAST price?? I also live in Canada

      Twila says:

      They sell some really nice ones at Hot Topic, I have one and all my friends are so jealous!!

    l says:

    i want the nesting dolls and the earrings

    Lourdes says:

    Yes, Suzanne Collins certainly does trrtuoe these characters! I have read/listened to this series a few times now, and always discover something new about the story. I rushed through Mockingjay so fast to see the ending, it was nice to re-read at a leisurely pace and enjoy the details.What will you read next? More dystopia?

  4. [...] Check Out Our Fave Etsy Merch for The Hunger Games [...]

  5. [...] Check Out The Weirdest DIY Hunger Games Stuff on Etsy! [...]

    Faith says:

    LOVE the pin! :) Lol! ;)

      Darya says:

      The countdown clock in our sbiader and on Lionsgate’s official movie page are all counting down to a specific time, Midnight on March 23, (so technically it will still feel like March 22nd if you up LOL). For today’s celebration Lionsgate is counting actual calendar days til March 23, and counting today as one of those. That leads to the 100 number. Does that help?

    Mels says:

    Omg that earrings!

      Keng says:

      I read a lot about how she was too old to play 16-year-old Katniss. Looking at this pic, and some others, she looks so much uoynger than her age, especially 16. She looks great for Katniss and I hope her acting is equally great.

      Karol says:

      Hi! I just found your blog through the Dystopia Challenge Review Page! So glad that you eeyjond this one! I loved The Hunger Games series as well, and I hope that you like the rest of the series. Woo Hoo, Team Peeta!

    Peggy Chandler says:

    I love Buttercup!

    Sam says:

    I legit want the “Peeta’s Bun’s” pin! Not to wear in public… But just for my own enjoyment. ^_^

      Kelly says:

      Although I haven\’t read the series, this movie has ienifdtely left an impression on me!! I have the sudden urge to get all three books and read them… I CAN\’T WAIT UNTIL THIS MOVIE\’S OUT!!!!!

      Salahuddin says:

      I would say Alice as in Alice in Wonderland.It depends on what your kids vrofaite book character is. Also you want the majority of people to know who the character is she looks like, so no obscure characters. That said the only one that popped in my head was Alice but I am not quite sure on others. – Cass

    Sam says:

    the nesting dolls and bread earring are cute!

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