Wah! One Direction DENIES the 1D Nickelodeon Show Rumors

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We don’t understand. Last week, Nickelodeon tweeted this little gem (which, BTW, has since been deleted):

“The rumors are true, our live-action slate does include a development project for @onedirection. Welcome to the family!”

But according to One Direction members Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, there’s no sign of a TV show anytime soon. Louis says,

“We are doing the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, but as far as a TV show goes we haven’t sat down and had that conversation. If it was up to me personally, I just want to focus on the music for now.”

Well… there go our dreams. But what gives? Do you think 1D’s just trying to throw us off? Or does Nickelodeon have something else lined up for the guys? We’re so confused! And would you be on board with a 1D TV show? Please weigh in!

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  • Mili

    Oh no! I really don’t want them on Nickelodeon, they wouldn’t be able to be themselves. If they sign with Nick fans may lose interest, and they’ll have a bunch of 8-year old fans instead! Personally I’d love them either way, i just REALLY hope they don’t!

  • Jenny Styles

    We told the management that the boys would be Forever Young, so they put them on Nick.

  • J

    I think having a show on that network would ruin them. If they care about their music. I think having a show on there will change their age range of their fans, which then means controling their music to make it “ok” for all fans, esppically the younger ones that would be gained from having a show on that network. It would make it that much harder for them to grow up and mature in their music like they should considering they are like in there late teens. I tihnk having them perform on KCA’s and such is fine but I don’t liek the show idea.

  • ella

    I LOVE LOUIS!!!!! <3<3<3 ALL ONE DIRWCTION IS HOT, BUT LOUIS EXPECIALLY!!! I LURVEE HIM! they are my fave band right now!! I love more than this!! Louis solo is sooo cute!!! I LOVE IT <3

  • lluvia

    love them but plz dont compare them 2 btr cuz btr dats watz up <3 kendall carlos logan<3

  • lluvia

    love one direction but theyz need to back out of btrs space <3 kendall carlos logan<3

  • caassiiee

    The best thing about One Direction is that they’re so real. They don’t try to sugar coat themselves to seem nice for the public. They are absolutely hilarious, but they should not have their own TV show, especially not on Nickelodeon. They’re also too dirty, some of the jokes they make come off that way. A TV will ruin them.
    I love 1D <3 they're so funny and just watching their videos makes my day! :)

    • Jenny Styles


  • joice

    I really love one direction they are beautiful and sing very well I would do everything to meet them in person they are everything to me I am number 1 fan love you guys keep one direction ever so great as you are beijoss love you guys

  • Yimphan

    i love harry
    i love one direction <3<3<3<3XD

  • Naomi

    I’m sorry but I don’t see what is so special about One Direction. They are just another manufactured boy band to me. Let’s be honest, the only reason why they are selling is because of their image. Their songs are the same generic garbage that everyone hears on the radio every single day.



    • Leanne

      I completely agree with you. Btw, “Katarina”, I dont know why anyone would be jealous of them.

  • Gaby

    I want to put my 10cents worth here, Sarah, Cody Simpson is from AUSTRALIA! You ‘Americanized’ him like you are to 1D. Don’t be so selfish.

  • Gaby

    If 1D got a TV show in the US then i would be so dissapointed with the US Directioners, they can’t just claim One Direction for themselves, I’m from New Zealand and if they were offered something like that over here i would still be dissapointed. Stick to what you know guys, keep making wonderful music! xo

  • shannon

    so freakin glad it didnt happen.

  • ziam

    THANK GOD i was dreading them having a SHOW!

  • sirada duangmuni

    เซย์นลิหก น่าร๊ากมาก เนียลล์ ด้วย อยาใหก้ พวกคุนมาเที่ยวเมืองไำทยกัน I Love you

  • Manda

    Thank god. No offence to the US directioners but you can’t take away our band and Americanise them! They are more than their looks! They have something that Bieber, BTR, and Cody Simpson don’t have. TALENT. Us uk/Irish fans have voted them through to xfactor and all. And as soon as they become successful they go to America and become some “boy band”
    I really don’t like this, I’m happy for them but tbh I’d much rather prefer them staying in good ole England where genuine fans who have been there from the start are.

    • Rose

      I’m an American fan but I really do agree with you. I haven’t been there from the very beginning (like in the X-Factor days) but I was a fan before they even went on Nickelodeon, won a Brit award, and made it to #1 on the U.S Billboard charts.

      I stayed up late watching their documentary, old X-Factor video diaries and interviews, just to try and become more knowledgeable about them.

      I’m so lucky I found them when they were not so mainstream here in the U.S., but I miss having that feeling. I’m stoked that they’re gaining the attention and success because the Boys deserve it SOO much, but I only wish that they’d stay in the UK.

    • Sarah

      First of all, us Americans have the same right that everyone has to like One Direction. For you to deny that is selfish. Remember the Beatles? They became extremely popular in the USA in the 1960s. Did anything horrible happen? No it was good for the band. On tours to the USA One direction has said they love their American fans just as much as any other fan. I don’t know how you are getting this stereotype but it is completely wrong. Most Americans aren’t that shallow. We like TALENT. Sure there are some people like Jb or Cody Simpson but, it doesn’t mean we all do. I’m sure England has experienced something similar. Besides whose to say they have no talent. Everyone has some talent in some way. Don’t be pompous fans. We can’t control where we live. You guys in England were just lucky enough to see them from the start. I’m not trying to bore you, but, your response really set me off. It is not right for you to falsely generalize people like that. I mean it in the nicest way possible.

      • Manda

        First of all Sarah, I wasn’t trying to offend you in any way. Im not going to sit here and act like I don’t listen to American artist because I do!
        But what has upset me is that whenever I watch them in radio interviews or TV talk shows, I see the real one direction. The 5 normal teenage boys who are doing what they love and being themselves. But as soon as i saw them on nickelodeon, I felt like they weren’t as comfortable or as carefree as they normally are. When they spoke, I felt like there were people behind the cameras telling them what to say.
        Im sorry but can you honestly sit on here and try to convince me that they would rather leave all their fans from here and head off to the states to be advertised?
        Liam said in an interview that the UK fans ”are the best” and that they would ”never leave their UK fans.”
        I was watching a signing the other say on youtube and all I could hear was ”Omg they are so hot” and ”Omg harry looks so sexy” I couldn’t stand the fact that some poeple only came to look at thier faces and I feel like thats what Nikelodeon is doing.
        I have several more reasons if you still dont see where I am coming from.

    • Leanne

      Still angry about 1776 I see, huh? AMERICA FTW!

  • Maggie

    nick isnt for 1D no offence nickelodeon but back off and let one direction be temselves

  • Courtney Lane

    I am sooo glad that they won’t have a show on Nick! Music is what they do best!

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  • terri


  • ….

    I’m so glad this is not true!
    Directioners do not want 1D on Nickelodeon!!! The guys are way too naughty to be on a kids show!!! but we all would’ve watched it just for the boys…

  • Sam

    If they ever get a show, it needs to be on MTV… Not Nick or Disney.

  • Lillian


  • Sam

    aww i would’ve watched their show!

  • Nicole

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! nick will change them to make them for little kids just like BTR!!! i just hope nick leaves them alone and don´t do the show!!!!

    • Gaby

      I totally agree!!