5 Celebs to Cast in Catching Fire

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I know that The Hunger Games just hit theaters toda (fan girl scream!!!), but some people (like me) are already obsessing over who should be cast in the movie version of the second book, Catching Fire. When I read THG, I already knew which actors would be playing Katniss, Peeta and company, but my imagination has been running wild with possibilities for (SPOILER ALERT!) the second round of Tributes. Here’s who I have in mind to join our favorite District 12 kids in the arena once more…

Finnick Odair
Who else could play the sexiest tribute alive but the sexiest actor of the moment, Channing Tatum. But then again, part of me secretly hopes that the producers cast someone who oozes Finnick’s smarmy vibe. Scott Disick, keep your calendar open!

Eighty years old, nutty and basically unintelligible, Steven Tyler is my natural choice for the role. So what if Mags is a woman… that’s what wigs are for!


Johanna Mason
While other tributes are practicing archery or knot-tying, Johanna’s strategy seems to get naked as often as possible. Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan seem to have been rehearsing a lifetime for this part…

“Fierce” isn’t quite harsh enough to describe this competitor, who gained infamy after ripping out a rival’s throat with her bare teeth. This time in the arena, she’s sporting gold-plated, razor-sharp fangs–basically, a monster. So who better than Mother Monster, Lady Gaga, to play the vicious Panem citizen?


The Morphlings
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, obvs. True, one of the bone-thin, drug-addled Tributes is supposed to be a boy, but MK and Ash can paper-rock-scissors over who gets to lop off their locks. You’re welcome, girls!


Who would you cast in Catching Fire? And if you could, would you recast Peeta, Katniss or Gale? Tell us what you really think in the comments!

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  • Oh Darling

    That’s a horrible thing to say about the Olson twins.

    • She wasn’t talking about the Olson twins, she was refering to the Morphling addicted brother and sister in Catching Fire!!!

  • hungergamesfreak

    omg i think that finnick should be zac efron he is sooooooo hot!!!!!!

  • katee

    i like this list i found on imdb. best ideas for i’ve seen so far.

  • are you kidding me

    are you finnicking kidding me?
    I can’t tell if this is a joke or if the person who made this is just stupid.

    • olivia

      this is a joke. i mean lady gaga….. really!!!!!!!

    • Fatima

      and then spent most of the book killing them off. It reeindmd me of the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, where characters whose names you don’t know are being killed left and right so you know this is SERIOUS without having to lose a major character it’s a cheap trick, and I expected better of Collins. And cheating like this doesn’t actually work; it was so unlikely that she was going to kill off Katniss, Gale or Peeta in the middle of the book that it didn’t really create the suspense she was going for. Prim’s death (and Finnick’s) could have been used much more thoughtfully; instead we had a blitzkrieg of constant attrition to remind us that THIS IS WAR. It wasn’t evocative it just made me feel numb. This endless dying is interspersed with even-more-endless strategy and technical details. I repeatedly found myself skimming, which never happened with the previous two books. But these passages were so boring(!), and I kept hoping to find that Katniss had figured out a purpose or an orientation or had reached out to Peeta or even just accurately assessed something but no luck. Which brings me to character development, relationships, and philosophical reflections on values and motivations. They were vital in the previous two books, but they are nearly nonexistent here, and the book is fatally flawed because of it. Peeta is barely present, and if you discount the time that Katniss spends crying in corners, injured and in the hospital, taking morphling, or being manipulated or controlled by others and wandering around confused, she isn’t really present either. And Gale is unfairly characterized in order to resolve the love triangle it’s baffling, because Katniss of all people isn’t in a moral position to judge Gale, and I thought that was part of the point. Ultimately, the story is hijacked hey, that’s a good metaphor! by anti-war propaganda and a damn-near nihilistic outlook. I understand that Collins wanted to communicate that war and violence aren’t glamorous. I think she’s right. But (ironically) she’s done real violence to her characters and the merit in the world she created in order to bludgeon us with that value. In a way, you could call this book more realistic . And yet I think a book that accurately reflects the gritty horrors of war would show how people use dark humor as a coping mechanism. This book had none of the wry humor of the previous two. And for pity’s sake, what was Collins trying to achieve with the ending? I agree with those who say that Katniss agreed to a renewed Hunger Games featuring the children of Capitol citizens in order to get the opportunity to stop Coin it’s the only thing that makes sense, given what Collins is clearly trying to convey, and it fits best with the character of Katniss. But it’s not made explicit in the text. Leaving this up to conjecture was a major error on Collins’ part, or very bad editing. It’s not wise to be subtle in the philosophical part of the book that is meant to put the heavy-handed part into some kind of context. And the last four pages, where we finally learn: Peeta or Gale? An afterthought. I think what is worst is that by making this choice, Collins makes the war the only important part, the only real part of Katniss’s life all the rest calls for is a brief summary. Almost all injury, very little road to recovery (those real or not real conversations were one of the few highlights of the book). It’s baffling to me that this tacked-on ending is still fairy-tale-esque (that is, Katniss did settle down with her True Love and have children). But why bother giving her this semblance of a fairy-tale ending when it’s so clear that she’s DEAD INSIDE? It could have been insightfully ironic though that’s a little sick but it’s not. It’s just empty. Apparently, once you’ve been in a war, nothing not even consummation of true love or the birth of your

  • Kathe

    That’s a joke right?

  • Peeta’s girl

    I can’t wait to see Catching Fire and Mocking Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who’s with me hu hu!?

  • chakadance101

    i think everyones horrible. exept lindsey lohan shes hot. i think finnik shuld besteve carol and everyone else shuld be people from the gusher commercial.

  • Hunger girl

    They had better recast the same people who played petta and Katniss or i will get so mad i won’t even watch the next movies. So recast the actors that played Petta and Katniss in the first movie.

    • Babyscorpio21

      The two original actors of Katniss and Peeta were paid before the movie “The hunger games” They were paid for the first movie and the sequals. so Yes they will both be the same actors in both sequals :)

    • nHSV


  • me

    i think that finnick should be the guy in the vow or the guy in x men first class that can move magnets … magneito i think is his nick name