Wah! One Direction DENIES the 1D Nickelodeon Show Rumors

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We don’t understand. Last week, Nickelodeon tweeted this little gem (which, BTW, has since been deleted):

“The rumors are true, our live-action slate does include a development project for @onedirection. Welcome to the family!”

But according to One Direction members Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, there’s no sign of a TV show anytime soon. Louis says,

“We are doing the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, but as far as a TV show goes we haven’t sat down and had that conversation. If it was up to me personally, I just want to focus on the music for now.”

Well… there go our dreams. But what gives? Do you think 1D’s just trying to throw us off? Or does Nickelodeon have something else lined up for the guys? We’re so confused! And would you be on board with a 1D TV show? Please weigh in!

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  • Rylee Tomlinson


  • Katie

    Personally, I think that would not be a good idea. Don’t got me wrong, 1D is my all time favorite band but a TV show would just seem fake. They have to be theirselves or it’s not going to work. Scripted acting is not one directions thing. Singing is.

  • Kelsey Walton

    I think they should do a show but also focus on the music.. It would be cool if they did both at the same time:) work on the music as they do the show or something…:/

  • Addie

    it would be interesting to see one direction on a tv show but what would it be about?
    plus it just doesn’t seem like them
    so no

  • Addie

    it would be interesting to see one direction on a tv show but what would it be about?

  • Rhiannon

    I don’t think they should have a TV show; they should just stay as a band. Personally, I believe that having a TV show could potentially ruin what we love: their music. It could start being controlled by the company instead of them picking and writing their own music. Yay for acting, but I don’t think the boys should have their own show. Guest star? Yeah! Their own show? No thanks.

    I love you, boys! :-)

  • jen


  • Me

    Just no.
    If they get a tv show on nickelodeon, then loads of little kids will become massive fans, and some of the older fans will just get bored.
    Plus they can’t act. I mean I love them and everything, I really do. But come on, “Is that a sock?” “full of butter?” haha!

  • Amber

    I dont think they should get a tv show. They sing not act and their good where there at right now :)

  • Vogue

    I”m like a huge directioner and i think that they should have a show but now is just want to listen to there music,and i watst them on icarly and the can act but it is not that very good i think,it was fun to watch but maybe just give them a reality show i think thats more fun just beying therselves.x

    ps.I love niall so much! omfg

  • Caroline

    Hell yes. Listening to Niall’s Irish accent, and the others British ones. But if it made their career go down the drain i would definitely say no. They are already great singers but I would definitely watch a show if they had one.

  • tay1112

    omg 1d is awesmoe they should do a show they wold make a lot of money!!!
    *i ♥ zayn*

  • Imane


  • Essence Green

    I think tht nickeloedeon should invest in a 1D SHOW, I WOULD DEFINETLY WATCH IT!!


  • Tania

    agree i think they should just stick to music

    • Leanne

      Shut-up bitches. Let Gemma say what she wants. And they aren’t the best band in the world. Far from it. Everyone has an opinion and she has the right to express it. Go fuck yourself.

  • gemma

    i think one direction is stupid and ugly and gay

    • Momo

      If you don’t have anything nice to say about one direction or anyone else than keep your fugly mouth closed !! I got it.

    • Tania

      why dont you just shut up and go away if you have nothing nice to say then dont comment simple as that

    • Harriet

      One Direction is the best band in the world, therefore your argument is invalid and 1D are not stupid and ugly and gay. You are bitch

    • Lialovesonedirection

      then why are you even here, in a one direction breaking news article? so much hate that u don’t have a life? relax gemma -.-

    • 123

      U r a idiot

    • Rylee Tomlinson

      Gemma y r u on here then bitch ass ratchet hoe

  • Isely

    Dont think they should have a tv show or reality show cause I think they should focus on the music, although I like their video diaries Love 1D how they are now :)

  • samantha hall

    i think that that it would be totally absolutly positivly amazing to see one direction laughing and goofing of and having fun on thier own nick show with their accents and hottness swoon! it woul be the biggest thing in history they would be the biggest starrs ever amazing right i totally agree.

  • One Direction Lover

    I dont think they should get a tv show if they had a reality tv show now that would be different but with Nick they would ruin them just like Big Time Rush

  • Su

    That if they do his tv program. I love them and me encantaria to see them in the tv.

  • kim

    if they made a tv show id deffo watch it, because 1D are just amazing!!:) id love to meet them too…..if i met them it would change my life forever!!:) the boys make me laugh and make me smile…..id always be smiling when they came into my head you have changed my life already!!! since they came into the x-factor and where put as a group i have loved them and i will love them till the end!!!

  • Dominique.

    I don’t think One Direction shouldn’t get a TV show. Their music is great. Perfect!! Nickelodeon will ruin them with some lame TV show. Like Big Time Rush. Trust me!!!!!!

  • lily

    If they ever mad a show i was be so mad. There singer NOT actors. personally if they made a show i wouldn’t watch it. please don’t ever make a show one direction!