Quiz: Who Is Your Pop Star Alter Ego?

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Let’s face it — we all want to be crazy famous pop stars, sell out major arenas and live the fab life. All our faves are all so different, we wanna find out exactly which pop star’s life you might as well have! Are you funky and flirty like our fave California gurl or crazy and unique like Roman Zolanski (you know her, trust us)? So take a break from practicing your moves and working on your vocals for a minute and let’s find out which pop princess you are! Hop to it!


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  • Leena

    Sooo….apparently i’m Nicki Minaj
    Guess I’m off to see a plastic surgeon
    His anaconda does want some

  • Maida


    • Kazunori

      seabluelee I didn’t realize this was a two-part quiz! I thuoght yesterday’s looked European but figured you were trying to fool us and had taken it on your recent vacation. But this one looks American to me. So I’m going to go with that Europe yesterday, USA today. This is a fun game I can’t wait to hear the answer!

  • mais


    • Vincet lapis

      HOLLA gars worda you? her muisc form and very import ok good by my pepo is beartifur girs by

  • lexi

    luvvv this quiz

  • Loveydove