Listen to Justin Bieber’s New “Boyfriend” Single!

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Quickly, everyone! We already showed you the lyrics and the cover for Justin Bieber‘s “Boyfriend,” but now we want you to hear the song in its entirety for the first time! The problem? It’s getting taken down everywhere (for obvious reasons)! So until it goes up on his personal VEVO and we can have it on replay, get your fix here. And fast!

Click on the “play” button below, ASAP!

Well, was the song everything you hoped for? Or did it not live up to your expectations? And what do you think of his whole rapping thing? We love the Biebs, but you can be honest with us in the comments

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  • firdosh alam

    Justin bieber ur new look is damp cool,I like soo much……

  • talaija

    justin is so hot i wish we could date i dont were a lot of make up. HATERS if you dont like his singing post your singing on youtube . LOV YA JUSTIN!

    • Zohre

      As a followup to this one, graph the nmuber of dislikes over likes for the average youtube user (or even for Justin Bieber’s audience). I’d bet that most of the haters never end up liking anything, much akin to that fading fad of calling fail just to elevate the self-imposed status of the person doing the judging, but not actually contributing anything useful to the grand scheme of society.

  • hannah

    i love you justin bieber <3

  • kayla

    i like justin bieber as well. i dont like how like ALMOST the whole world is always talking about how lame and stupid and retarded he is! he is not retarded or stupid or lame in my opinion. if he is sooo lame to u HATERS, then why arent you out there making hits and singing like him? think b4 some of u HATERS talk. because of him, we wouldntve got this far in musical history. in my opinion, he is smart, and a good singer and much, much more! so BACK OFF HATERS!!!!!

    • Khald

      Can a band cover a song on myspace music as a muciisan? I’m in a band (unknown) and we are playing the song Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. and we want to know if we can cover the song and post it on our myspace page legaly. so is this illegal if we present the song and band as the original artists ?

  • Caitlin

    You don’t have to like it, but you also don’t have to post your mean, awful comments. He doesn’t deserve that. This is a great song, and it really gets to me when people try and bring him down. He has gone through so much to get where he is today, he has real talent and is always giving back to charities, get off his back. And why would it be okay for Justin Timberlake to sing this but because Justin Bieber does, it’s a shit song? You make so sense.
    And as a belieber, i actually do care about the song and what it sounds like.

    • Naomi

      Every famous person has their share of supporters and non supporters. Deal with it. He doesn’t have talent, he’s just manufactured by his record label to make it seem that he has talent. Everything is based on his image. The only reason why the song is getting so much buzz is because of the image. Do you really think that his actual voice makes him famous? No. I just said that the song itself sounded something Justin Timberlake might do, I never said it would be okay for JT to sing it. I’m just telling you the truth. If you don’t like the truth, then deal. That’s all.

      • Jessie

        Uhm! Okay, so I’m not a teenager and ever I know that Justin Bieber has talent. I will agree that everyone has their doubter’s, what makes him great is that he pushes through it. As for that not having talent thing? So he got famous on YOUTUBE because MILLIONS of people were watching his videos BEFORE HE GOT FAMOUS! How is that manufactured? He did it on his own, in front of a home camera, and put it on youtube for his family and everyone else to listen. Not thinking he’d ever get famous or get that many likes. That’s not manufactured because millions of people loved him on youtube BEFORE he was famous or even MET a record label. Im just saying, know your facts before you post ignorant things and just make yourself sound stupid.

    • Naomi

      @Jessie, Anyone these days can get famous through YouTube, so that isn’t an excuse. What I’m posting is not ignorant, it’s the truth that over-obsessed fans like you who cannot except fact. How am I making myself sound stupid though? I’m just saying that his fame won’t last for very long and even if he tries to transition from teen pop star to adult pop, the majority of his audience is still preteen to early teens. He really can’t sing well and his voice isn’t that special. The image sells more than the voice today. Everything is a marketing scheme as I put it.

  • star

    YALL SUCK this song is so hot and so is he

    • star

      U R so right and this song is so sexy

  • joe

    who like justin bieber

  • joe

    no he is not gay but he is so sexy

  • kinga

    it’s cool. i like it :)

  • hailey

    r u gay now???

  • Sam

    i love it! i already bought it!

    • katrina

      where do buy it

  • Naomi

    This is not unique at all. This sounds like something Justin Timberlake might do. Plus, I don’t understand the whispering. Why whisper? Are you trying to sound like the Ying Yang Twins? There’s nothing special about this song and I don’t understand the whole hype around it. It didn’t even live up to its hype. It looks like he’s trying too hard to sound mature. But I’m not surprised. His crazy obsessed fans will listen to anything and his voice doesn’t even matter to them. It’s all about the image. It just sounds like the same manufactured garbage that is around today.

    • Zainab

      Totally Agree!

      • bieber

        i love justin bieber and he got good song his new song boyfriend i would love to be his girlfriend

    • Emma

      I totally agree! I used to be a fan but I REALLY didn’t like this song. Also he’s become so arrogant!

    • Jessie

      Everyone is so ignorant. He is 18 now, OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO START SINGING MORE MATURE MUSIC! Does anyone even know crap about this kid? These haters know NOTHING about him but act like they’ve known him inside and out since birth. No, your wrong. He’s not manufactured because he started on youtube before anyone even found him. Don’t listen to the hype, let it be about the music. Everyone loves his voice, it’s ABOUT his voice. He would have gotten famous if it weren’t for his voice. And no his crazy obsessed fans will not listen to anything, they listen to it because it’s Justin and they love him and will be there for him no matter what people like you have to stay. Anyone can say they were a fan, but it takes a lot to call yourself a Belieber. You have to Believe, you have to stick around even if he messes up. You have to BELIEB. I’m preaching, yes i know, but people like you need it.

  • hajar

    it’s the first time i hear it :) it is nice