Quiz: Which One Direction Song Describes Your Life?

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It’s no secret that we are pretty hardcore Directioners. Their hair, their voices, their accents… One Direction is almost too good to be true. We absolutely love all their songs, and since we can’t pick a fave, we’ve made a quiz to help figure out which one fits our personalities the best. So which 1D hit is the soundtrack to your life? Take the quiz and find out!


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186 Responses to "Quiz: Which One Direction Song Describes Your Life?"

  1. Teen.com
    aites says:

    i lov harry

  2. Teen.com
    riddhi(hindu) says:

    one direction team is fabulous i say the songs of 1d re;eaves me when ever im sad i love all 5 of them amazing cool buddies which i prefer most

  3. Teen.com
    ayanna sharpe says:

    i have an crush on liam payne from one direction and i know you have a girlfriend but
    i still love you please say you’ll love me back from ayanna sharpe.

  4. Teen.com
    Samantha Brand says:

    I love 1D but mostly Louis and Niall I am a true directioner and I think everyone knows that ok so I came here to tell you that I have 1D tickets and VIP tickets aswell for front seats yay

    • Teen.com
      Nellie Label says:

      In response to you, Samantha, I appreciate your liking of One Direction. I’m just not a big fan of favoritism. Although, I have my own favorites, I’m not one to say much. Any who, it appears you’ve told readers that you have tickets, front row, and M&G to 1D’s concert. Good for you! But, please, next time, could you possibly keep that to yourself? Some of the lovely
      Directioners don’t have that opportunity or never ever will have that opportunity. It can hurt. Thanks for your time and Happy New Year! :)

    • Teen.com
      Nellie Label says:

      In response to you, Samantha, I appreciate your liking of One Direction. I’m not a fan of favoritism though. It makes one feel of lesser value then the other. It appears that you have told readers that you have tickets to One Direction. Not only tickets, but they’re also front row and M&G. Good for you and congrats! But…next time, please keep that to yourself. I wouldn’t like other Directioners getting hurt because they will never have the chance to do what you’re doing. Anyway, happy new year Samatha! -Nellie

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