Celebs Who Could’ve Been Separated at Birth

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We know that each actor or actress is a unique living, breathing person IRL. It’s true. But you have to admit that some of our fave celebs look eerily similar. The whole separated- or switched-at-birth genre is a thing now, so here are our guesses for pairs that would be killer in the roles…

Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly
OK, so a whole movie, The Roommate, was based on how these two are practically twins. But can you believe how similar these two look? It’s downright eerie. (Well, the movie was a horror film!)


Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel
There have been a few times we’ve had to do some double takes for magazine covers graced by these lovely ladies because we confused one for the other! Zooey told MTV in 2009  that people have mistaken Katy partying at clubs for her. We doubt that mistake’s made too often now because they’re both famous enough individually!


Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardashian
These two both have the sultry look down. The dark locks, smoldering stares and life dependency on smoky eyes make Nicole look like she could fall in line with the rest of the Kardashian clan. All she needs is a hot pro athlete on her arm. Oh, wait…

Bella Thorne and Debby Ryan
These two Disney stars went head-to-head and you voted that you like Shake it Up better than Jessie.  So now that that’s settled, we’re wondering if there’s some secret Disney conspiracy about their characters being long-lost sisters. Probably not, but it would make an awesome show though, right?


Ke$ha and Blake Lively
This may be our most surprising pair of doppelgangers! Scrub off all that glitter and whatever-else Ke$ha’s wearing and she just may pass for Serena van der Woodsen’s evil twin. Wouldn’t that be an amaze GG storyline? Now if only we had The Cw’s number…

Splash News/INFphoto.com

Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley
These two majorly talented actresses both land blockbuster movie roles like it’s their jobs. (It is.) Those acting chops aren’t the only things they have in common! They’re both the faces of perfume campaigns, (Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and Miss Dior Cherie, respectively.) Put those crazy awesome bone structure behind any beauty product and we’ll buy it!


Ashley Benson and (OLD) Taylor Momsen
We guess everyone wants to be a GG doppelganger! PLL’s Ashley Benson is relatively new to the game. But, her fresh face and wavy golden locks remind us of Taylor Momsen before she started caking on the drugs black eyeliner and wearing lingerie on stage.


Nina Dobrev and Alexandra Chando
Both Alexandra’s and Nina’s characters in The Lying Game and TVD know a thing or two about discovering they have doppelgangers. But do they know that they’re also eachother twins?

INFphoto.com/Splash News

Do you think these celebs make good doppelgangers? Who are some lookalikes that we missed?

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  • Melissa

    Bella Thorne looks exactly like Tiffany!! And Nicole Scherzinger (sp?) actually looks way more like Rosalyn Sanchez than she does Kim Kardashian.

  • nevar

    I always thought katy perry and zooey deschanel did look a like! I use to mix them up. I’d be like katy perry start acting a? Lol they really look alike for true!

  • Sarah

    If you find certain pictures Nina and Taylor look exactly alike

  • Marisol

    Taylor Momsen doesn’t do drugs! Why did teen.com included that in?! :/

  • lovatic

    Nina Dobrev looks like Victoria Justice*just saying*

  • Makenna

    Nelly furtado and Demi Moore

  • Hillary

    Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice would be a better fit …….bella thorne and debby ryan is a total NO

  • SarahNeverBeenHere

    When I read Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley I was like “I know, right?”

  • Roos

    Nina Dobrev looks more like Victoria Justice from Victorious. Nicole and Kim don’t look-a-like at all.

  • andra

    Ashley Benson and Taylor Momsen look exactly like twins,it’s scary how much they lookalike

  • Oh Darling

    Bella and Debby look nothing alike!

    • Sarah

      Bella actually looks like 80’s pop artist Tiffany.. bella looks exactly like Tiffany did when she was younger.

  • lolz

    IKR? she looks way more like victoria then alexandra!

  • taylor

    I think Nina Dobrev looks more like Victoria Justice!

    • omg

      IKR? she looks way more like victoria then alexandra!

    • lolz!

      IKR? looks way more like victoria then alexandra!!

    • Tuhina Kazi

      So true!

  • Sam

    omg! that’s so wierd! they all look alike except for blake and kesha.