8 Things to Know About The X Factor‘s Rachel Crow!

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While we pretty much hateThe X Factor’s host, we are forever in the show’s debt for giving us boy-band sensation, One Direction. We are obsessed with love them! But right now we’re thanking TXF for bringing us yet another huge name — Rachel Crow! If you’re not yet acquainted with this young powerhouse of a star, well, we’re here to get you on board the RC train. This girl hasn’t even had her Sweet Sixteen yet and she’s already accomplished so much. She texts Simon Cowell on the daily, people! Find out who her musical inspirations are, how she got her start in the biz, and what she has planned for the summer!

1. Rachel was adopted when she was a baby, and sang her first song at 18-months-old. Impressive! Her parents decided to bring her to Los Angeles in 2010 so that she could pursue her dreams. Best. Parents. Ever.


2. Rachel was only 13-years-old when she auditioned for the first season of The X Factor, and she beat out over 100,000 contestants to be on the show.

Ray Mickshaw / FOX

3. She made it all the way to the Top 5, and was absolutely devastated when she was sent home. Rachel’s supporters immediately blamed (and booed!) X Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger, when it was her time to make a decision. Nicole’s decision left the bottom two in a deadlock, and it was up to the public to decide who stayed and who got kicked off. Rachel had to take to Twitter to calm everyone down saying, “Please don’t be angry with @nicolesherzy she was put in such a tough position.” This has to be the most emotional elimination we have ever seen.


4. In the past year, Rachel has been signed to Columbia Records/Syco. Also? She landed an overall talent deal with Nickelodeon and has plans to get her own show! Yessss!

Ray Mickshaw / FOX

5. Since talking with Nick, Rach is jumping right into things! She will be playing Starr, a recurring character, on Lucas Cruikshank‘s FRED: THE SHOW. Starr is a talented actress and singer (obviously) who wants to leave her boring town and make a name for herself.


6. Catching Big Time Rush on tour this summer? If you are, you’ll be able to see Rach, too! Rachel, along with Cody Simpson, will be a guest performer on the Big Time Summer Tour.


7. Some of Rachel’s musical influences include Eminem, Beyonce, and Rihanna. And RC just about freaked when she found out Bruno Mars was going to give a guest performance on X Factor when she was a contestant. Rachel wrote, “Got to spend a little time with Bruno Mars. Let me just tell you his voice is like butter. I am a huge fan! Who knows maybe I’ll get to do a duet with him some day.” Maybe!


8. Rachel is also a stand-up comedian because she loves making people laugh. We’d love to hear a joke, Rach!


Did you watch Rachel on The X Factor? What did you think of her? Will you be seeing her on the Big Time Summer Tour?

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  • Alano

    For all i care Rachel is a very talented young lady. No matter what happened and people said abt her i believe she will be a big star in no time.She has the unique powerful voice that i can listen every minute.everyone one have their own opinion but for me Rachel is my inspiration and i adore her.

  • Tina

    Rachel is super talented and will go far. I love her.

  • Sam

    i loved her on the x factor! and when she was eliminated was just devestating, especially her reaction.

  • chocolate

    she reminds me of this girl in my school who is always craving attention.

  • peeta


  • sorry

    Im not jealous of this girl in anyway….she highly irritates me! and that video of her being eliminated made me laugh for about five minutes!

    • Hometown friend

      Glad to see you have no heart… Maybe if you could see true talent you would understand that Rachel has it! Unlike many pop stars on the market, Rachel’s voice is true and unedited. Maybe if you would take time to get the full story you wouldn’t be such a jerk. X-factor gave Rachel a shot at her dream and no one who has any form of feelings would say what you just said. I can tell you that almost everyone disagrees with you, and while Rachel is making a bunch of money cause she has talent, you will be sitting at home on your computer writhing comments with no meaning…

      • ew

        I agree with sorry. she’s really irritating..sure she can sing but she just seems like that person i will never be friends with! like seriously her reaction to be kicked off…that was unnecessary!

      • peeta

        “hometown friend” i get what you mean that it was rude of “sorry” to say that..but i know the whole story. she can sing but she seems to be irritating. i agree with the fact that her reaction was totally unnecessary! if she’s old enough to be on a who like that..she is old enough to take bad news and not break down in tears.

      • sorry

        HA…almost everybody disagrees with me? she was voted off by the public. thats a lot of people that agree with me.

      • thomas

        way ti go i am glade that you see it like that because i see it like that to and i love rachel because she is awsome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!