From Our BFFS: Which Hunger Games Tributes Are Dating IRL?

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leven-rambin-alex-ludwig-kissingAre The Hunger Games Leven Rambin and Alexander Ludwig dating IRL? If so, we totes approve. It’s like Peeta and Katniss part dos! [Posh24]

The trailer for Selena Gomez‘s new movie is here! Nope, not that Spring Breakers movie. That other one. [Twist]

Go in the shower with One Direction!!! Jk. Just find out their shower song of choice. Whatevs. [Cambio]

Yup, even Justin Bieber‘s life isn’t perfect. He’s struggling to buy a house! #famouspeopleproblems [Wetpaint]

Ariana Grande‘s style (and music, duh) is so cute, we can’t handle it. Just look at her, you guys! [Just Jared Jr.]

How is PLL‘s Janel Parrish enjoying her life after “A”‘s big reveal? She’s not. She’s getting death threats IRL! [Hollywire]

Which celeb would you want to speak at your graduation? These kids are doing everything to get Jeremy Lin at theirs… [HuffPost Teen]

Excuse us while we die laughing at these commercials of celebs like Mila Kunis and Kristen Stewart before they were famous. LOL! [gURL]

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  • Megan

    You people don’t have proof that Alexander Ludwig and Leven Rambin are dating.

  • Pedro

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am so happy for Rob. It semeed so important for Tia to have remembered him. Tia has some great taste Yet what gal could forget Rob I never wiil.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh… NO! They are awful together and I can bet like a million dollars that it’s all just an act because HELLO PEOPLE, did Alexander or Leven MENTION anywhere that they’re dating? And AnnaSophia Robb looked so much better with him. They were PERFECT. Leven and Alexander? No, never. Ew.

  • Gemeni

    They are officially dating!

    • Anonymous

      Officially? Well, don’t you sure jump to conclusions. Do you have like, maybe… PROOF? I didn’t think so.

  • Angela

    Alexander Ludwig should be with Annasophia Robb in my opinion. They connected really well and Leven Rambin and Alexander, together,… no, just no. I mean, he’s got such a different personality then Leven. Plus, he and Annasophia have way more things in common.

  • Veronica

    Cute! But in that movie, I think it was kinda weird. Cause in the book, Cato’s begging for CLOVE to stay with him before she died. Anyway, Alex and Leven, not bad.Pretty cute :)

  • Sam

    alexander ludwig is hot!

    • Tammy

      not hot smokking hot

      • Mia

        Ahhhh yeah pretty smoking hot!!! Have you seen his abs?!?! Tdf

    • Ludmila

      this was adorable!! Bailey will be just fine! We have only had a siettr for our cat (Dakota is our first dog and we have never left him with a siettr yet) the siettr came to our house. Cats are different though!!All will be fine! Happy 4th!!!

      • Zara

        no em gusta nada esta comadreja! tiene los ojos muy seorpadas y el pelo no es rojo! lo que s evana gastar en tinte madre mia! tan dificl es coger actores que se parezcan un poco? ya tienen que tef1ir a comadreja, a katniss, a gale, a peeta, y en mi opinion deberian tef1ir a prim porque rubia rubia no es esta chica no tiene cara de zorro ni de lejos vamos. y el chico mas feo no podia ser!de momento la que me encanta es rue! es genial y super guapa, em chifla jaja. xd