Best (And Worst?) Dressed at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards!

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If you were even a little bit of a fave celeb, you were at the Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday night. Yup. Selena, Katy, Victoria, Emma, and even the hotties of One Direction all walked the orange carpet and made appearances at the slime-filled show. But aside from who got green gooed and who won an award, there was the fashion, obvs! So who do you think look the best?

Victora Justice and her Victorious peeps won for Favorite TV Show, but for Favorite Outfit? Um, not so much.

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Then there was Ariana Grande, who cried when she and her Victorious cast accepted their award on stage. And we cried when we saw how adorbs she looked in this mini dress!


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Oh, and speaking of winners? Selena Gomez won for Favorite TV Actress and Favorite Female Singer. And it looks like she stole her ensemb from the Spring Breakers set…


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And so did Katy Perry! Ok, so did Sel or Katy wear the crop top/high-waisted mini better?


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We can’t forget Big Time Rush, who won for Favorite Music Group. They sure looked sexy…


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But we’ve gotta say, One Direction might’ve looked even sexier. But come on. When do they not?!


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We feel like Kristen Stewart has worn a similar dress before, but nonetheless, KStew killed it on her first ever orange carpet in a blue lace mini. Perfection.


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And look! Here’s Jaden and Willow Smith supporting their daddy-turned-host, Will!


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And yes, Emma Stone would’ve looked hotter with her boyf Andrew Garfield on her arm (they presented an award together and it was so flippin cute!), but still, Emma looked fab.


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Who looked the best/worst? Did we leave anyone out? What was your fave orange carpet fashion moment?

Tell Us Your Thoughts on the Kids’ Choice 2012 Nominees!

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29 Responses to "Best (And Worst?) Dressed at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards!"

    Darrenlyn says:

    Everyone looked great. Not a fan of Sel & Katy’s outfits though. 1D looked pretty darn delish- as always. Twitter: truelyfakelove

    Harry's Cat Magnet says:

    Can’t agree more that One Direction did look much sexier than BTR… and Sel totally killed her outfit!!!!

    Orxan says:

    NOOO Nick dont DO NOT do you hear me okay you probably dont but still PLLZZZ dont brkeaup NELENA I mean there Ben PLzzz dont and let them fix it the next ep and plzz post sonn I love the story dont get me wrong!

      Francisco says:

      I don’t have any stars and stripes picees, but have definitely rocked the red, white, and blue combo! Thanks for your comment on my page!Xx

    razor power scooter says:

    I was recommended this web site by my cousin. I’m not certain whether or not this publish is written through him as no one else know such detailed approximately my trouble. You’re wonderful! Thanks!

    A'Blessyn says:

    OMG!! willow smith’s outfit looked great, but her hair, being cut like that, not really. but putting her hair pink. PERFECT! jaden smith looked HOT and SEXY. I LUV IT. U GO JADEN ! i also got to say selena gomez looked great but her shoes did not match AT ALL. KATY PERRY LOOKED GOOD. 1 Direction needs to cHAnge their fashion sense ALOT. the worst 1 EVER WAS…………….. kristen stewart. OH MY GOD SHE LOOKED LIKE A TEENAGER OR SOMETHING TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A GRANDMA. big time rush was perfect. and victoria looked good. but , i believe the could have dressed better. im not saying that was bad but she could have dressed better..

    Lara says:

    Big Time Rush looked as sexy as ever! 1D doesn’t even come close.

    Nikita says:

    Big Time Rush looked sexy at the KCAs (no offense but even better than 1D in my opinion) Katy Perry looked awesome and Victoria looked so pretty! Just cause she wasnt in a dress doesnt mean she didnt look good

    Rachel says:

    I didnt think Vic’s outfit was that bad maybe if she lost the blazer her outfit would have rocked the KCA’S! As always 1D looked amazingly hot, Emma looked gorgeous, Selena eh not of fan of that little number she had going on Katy rocked it so much better! Kstew is my fave! She looked AWESOME in her royal blue mini!!!! JUST TO DIE FOR!

      Kathleene says:

      Yay! I think the first book Satori read was Madeline , she read it to her Grandma word for word. We have to row Very First Last Time , I’ve been meaning to cover that as Daddy is from Canada and it would be a good book to intrdouce Canada. Plus in the winter we can walk on tundra in the Rocky Mountain National Park. I suppose you guys don’t have tundra in California?

    xiey says:

    Whr is taylor swift’s pic? They all look lovely.

    olympe says:

    Jaden smith looked more cute when he was in the movie!!!
    One Direction <3

    Belladonna says:

    Katy Perry totally pulled off the crop top/high-waisted mini better than Selena….
    But Emma Stone was def best dressed… If only Andrew Garfield was in the picture…

    alissa says:

    I agree with all your choices, except for Selena…. She usually has great fashion, but I think this time she belonged on the worst-dressed list. Her outfit was really.. random? The top didn’t match the skirt which didn’t match the shoes. And the checkered belt thing was really ugly. Katy definitely pulled it off much better.

    Veronica says:


    Alice W. says:

    I like Katy Perry’s skirt/top better. She’s going for a Nickelodeon slime motif, which is pretty awesome.

    gagamonster says:

    selena looks perf!:3

      Mimi says:

      Of course. :)

      nicu says:

      Next thing I thought you were going to do was put your fiegrns in your mouth and give one of those whistles.Michelle, you are sooo NY. Never leave us. No one can appreciate you like we do.

    Kelly says:

    You speak the truth ONE DIRECTION is sexy ALL THE TIME!!!

    name says:

    Where is Elizabeth Gillies? I love her and her dress at KCA…

    They keep me alive says:

    Just because Vic wasn’t in a dress doesn’t mean that she wasn’t PERFECT!!!! She was really beautiful. BTW,LIZ GILLIES WAS PRETTY AND PERFECT! Where’s her photo as BEST LOOK????

    Sofi says:

    One Direction were Perfection!!!!!!!!!!!<3

    Catriona Mal says:

    I Like Victoria out fit :D UGH ONE DIRECTION ARE BABES <3 Want them to come back to the UK but <3

    Jane says:

    emma stone was best dressed 4 the show defo!

    Sam says:

    i like ariana’s and emma’s dresses. and big time rush and one direction all look hot!

    Darcy says:

    Kristen looked sooooo beautiful!!!!!

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