10 Celebs Who Rock Being Short

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Between perfect camera angles and sky-high heels, it’s hard to tell that there’s any short celebs in Hollywood. But ya know what? These stars are so adorbs that we kind of want to put them in our pocket and take them everywhere with us. Did you know these celebs were actually pretty tiny?!

At only 5’6″ ish, our boy Justin Bieber is always a couple inches shorter than SelGo anytime she wears heels, but his height def isn’t stopping billion of girls from wanting him to be their boyfriend — even if they’re towering over him!

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Kourtney beats out her sisters as being the shortest Kardashian at only 5′. Sorry Kim, you can’t win everything!

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AnnaSophia Robb, who will be starring as a young Carrie Bradshaw in The Carrie Diaries, may look tall in her bright red heels, but she’s actually only 5’1″!

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Our fave meatball Snooki is only 4’9″, making her the shortest adult ever guidette on Jersey Shore. (Yep, even shorter than Deena!) She definitely uses her height to her advantage when she’s hiding in small places and droppin’ it low on the dance floor.


Her voice may be huge, but her body? Not so much. Lea Michele is only 5’2″, which may be a little difficult since her on-screen (and rumored off-screen!) lover Cory Monteith is 6’3″.


Petite Lucy Hale is much shorter than her Pretty Little Liars castmates, but that doesn’t stop her from creating big drama on the show. Amirite?

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Fashion icon and Hart of Dixie star Rachel Bilson is only 5’2″, which makes her exactly a foot shorter than her boyfriend Hayden Christensen. That’s the perfect height difference for piggy-back rides.


Willow Smith may only be 5′, but she makes up for the missing inches with her killer attitude and crazy confidence. And she’ll probably still grow, right? She’s only, like, 11!

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Drop-dead gorg Mila Kunis is only 5’4″, but when she puts on a pair of pumps, she’s always ready to steal the spotlight.


Does Lady Gaga ever go anywhere wearing heels less than 12 inches high? Yeah, we didn’t think so, ’cause we were shocked to learn she’s only 5’1″. FIVE ONE! What the heck?!


Did the heights of these celeb shorties shock you as much as they shocked us? Which one’s the most surprising? Are you a shortie too?

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  • Matt

    6’5 here. When will these manlets ever learn?

  • Christina Helen Mack

    I am 5’4 and it’s fun!!!!!!!! (:

  • Caroline

    Their is no normal height for a woman. Every one is different and unique. The world changes everyday. The men’s average height used to be 5’3. Embrace what is given to you

  • hector melgazo

    just do your best! you cAn drink vitamins everyday,like me when i was 14 my mOther buy a cherifier vitamins to make my hIGHt talLer, thIs time i am talLer than my father. i can now join ms.gay becAuse im so talL.hahaha

  • Biscuitbum

    We all know that no celebrity wants to admit to being 4 foot 11 or under, and most add at least 2″ for their publicised height. High heels, platforms and lifts add to the illusion.

  • Stacy

    Hey I am 15 and 4 foot 11 inches what can I do need help. ANYONE suggestions which can help without HGH pills

    • Gaye Williams

      I am 40 and only 4ft 11 but as long as you stay in proportion ( I am still aa size 6 /8) uk size and I only weigh 96 pounds then it’s fine! My husband is 5ft 11 and our son is 5ft 8 an still growing. Just learn to love who you are. I wouldn’t want to be some great big woman it’s not attractive. Men prefer smaller petite women. I used to worry at your age but you learn it’s great being tiny.

  • Jillian Kate

    A woman’s average height is said to be 5’4…. For me, 5’5 isn’t short 😀 Anyways, for Kelly Chin, I was 5’2 when I was 14 and I drank milk everyday, did stretching exercises and played sports. It helped me grew a couple of inches (I’m now 5’7 :D) ; but I don’t know if it’ll work for you though. Well, if your parents are tall then you would most probably be tall in the too :)

  • Kelly Chin

    I’m also only 5’1 (155cm) which is short… I’m 14 years old. Any way to grow taller?

    • Natalie

      Kelly, i don’t know the conversion but 1 foot = 30cm, 2 iches = 5cm, so if you’re 5’1 should you suppose to be only 152cm-153cm?

  • Kelly

    Wow I can’t believe Lady Gaga is only 5″1! She appears to be so much taller.

  • elisabetta

    if you are 5’5 and under you are considered short .

    • sara

      I think that a person who is below 5 feet is said to be short while 5.5 is a good average height as 6 feet is tall

  • Chella

    I’m 5’5 and done growing, thats a normal height right?