From Our BFFS: Wanna Get The Wanted’s First US EP?!

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the-wanted-lighting-ep-us-releaseThe Wanted has revealed the release date (oh, and album artwork) for their new EP, “Lightning”! Get your iTunes gift cards ready on… [Cambio]

Look! Demi Lovato‘s new music vid teaser! You are welcome. [Just Jared Jr.]

And speaking of teasers, here’s one of iCarly and that little boy band called One Direction… [J-14]

We cannot even contain our excitement for this summer’s 3D Katy Perry concert movie. Espesh after seeing the trailer! [Hollywire]

Can we look forward to Rihanna coming out with another album this year? Survey says… [Posh24]

So what’s really going to happen to Quinn on Glee? Hm, shall we speculate? [Wetpaint]

Whose bangs do you like the best? Jennifer Lawrence‘s? Taylor Swift‘s? Can’t. Choose. [HuffPost Teen]

If you’re like us and are super jealous of your seemingly totally perfect, gorgeous BFF, no worries. Here’s how to deal.[gURL]

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4 Responses to "From Our BFFS: Wanna Get The Wanted’s First US EP?!"

    Emily says:

    I LOVE The Wanted!!!!!
    Counting down the days til there album comes out:)

    Ella Marie says:

    I thought these comments were moderated… clearly not.

    lol says:

    go fuck yourselves ugly i hate your motherfuckin guts bitches

    Sam says:

    omg! i can’t wait till their album comes out in the u.s.!

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