Naya, Khloe and Lauren Cover May 2012 Mag Issues! Which One’s Your Fave?!

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may-2012-magazine-latina-cosmopolitan-glamourAt the beginning of every month, we get all excited because that means that we get to find out which lucky ladies get to cover our fave monthly mags. Huge, right? And we, honestly, could not be happier with who Latina, Cosmopolitan and Glamour mags chose as their May 2012 cover girls. It’s like they were reading our teen-centric brains or something!

Here’s Naya Rivera on Latina. Guess she got the memo about the crop top thing…


And wowza, look at Khloe Kardashian on Cosmopolitan. Think Kim’s jealous of that cleav? We think yes.


And lastly, Glamour chose Lauren Conrad as their cover girl. Oh yeah, and she’s topless. NBD.


So, which cover gal is your fave? Whose mag is the prettiest? Which one would you buy? Vote and comment below!

See Naya Rivera and More Best Dressed of the Week!

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  • Bill

    Well he was together with his baby momma for years and didnt marry her, so he seeemd for sure he wanted to marry Khloe. When a man is ready, whoever comes into it at the time reaps the benefits. That why dont let a man drag you on and babymomma you, making it harder for you to move on and then he gets married in 1 month after you. This proves that a man knows his intentions toward you in a short period of time, so being a forever girlfriend is a waste of time. My motto now is date for 6 mos to 1 year, stay on birth control so he wont baby momma you and make it harder for you to move on, Then, if he does not become serious about you, move on. Wasting our times spending 3, 4, 6 years with a dude and he bounce and you look around and you 30 or 40 and he married someone in less than a year and all you was was girlfriend and now you older and stretched out trying to find love in the aftermath. Dont do it ladies. We have control over this if we us it, just like we did about not taking pager numbers or giving out our numbers anymore to where its almost universal, we can stop this crap too.

  • Anonymous

    Pat,You are right

  • Kaelyn

    Naya deserves to win!! Team Naya all day!

  • Lina

    Khloe is winning how exactly?! LC and Naya Rivera are x100 better than her… but seriously, NAYA you are beautiful, Naya ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kat

      TRUTH. naya ftw

  • Ashleigh cox

    I think khloe looks fabulous. They all do. But khloe shoulf win this on by a mile x. She is flawless

  • Kate


  • Avery

    Khloe Kardashian?! She looks like …Eh. Naya Rivera looks GORGEOUS, as well as Lauren Conrad and y’all choose Khloe? …Wow..

    • Julie

      Avery….pple wit low self esteem tend to take out their frustrations on I bet u know where that places you.I bet u hav serious issues with yourself.

      • Dripe

        Dang Klhoe looks great, Lamar has to get that god awful tattoo reovemd. Gotta say I didn’t see that foreplay comment coming but it totally suits them.

  • Sara Connor

    WTF? Khloe Kardashian number 1? Hello!!!!
    Vote Naya Rivera!!!!

  • NayaRiveraHot22