Demi Lovato is the Best Girlfriend in Her “Give Your Heart A Break” Music Video

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We didn’t think it was possible, but Demi Lovato‘s latest music video actually measures up to “Skyscraper!” Obviously the meaning behind her new song, “Give Your Heart A Break,” isn’t anywhere near as powerful as her first Unbroken single, but the fact that she’s basically a female knight in shining armor to her guarded boyfriend is amaze.

Oh, and make sure you watch until the very end. There’s a beaut surprise waiting…

Tell us what you really thought about Demi’s new music video. Was it better than “Skyscraper?” And which one of her Unbroken songs would you like to be her next single?

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14 Responses to "Demi Lovato is the Best Girlfriend in Her “Give Your Heart A Break” Music Video"

    Janelle says:

    I really love the song.. Demi look so gorgeous!. 2 thumbs UP! Well Done. :)

    Sofiya says:

    I have been waiting for this music video for a long time, and it’s literally more than what I expected! I love this song and I love Demi, and the music video was amazingggg!! Demi looks so gorgeous throughout the entire video! I don’t think she’s trying to be sexy at all. Demi is growing up, and her fans are growing up too, so this video is completely appropriate to me! Demi doesn’t try to be sexy, SHE IS SEXY! :) Lovatic For Life <3

    fun says:

    I agree, i loved her when she was on disney, no more…

    jn says:

    haha luv it!

    Tamia says:

    I like it andat Sarah wat put of the song was to sexy and she grown not ever song can be about pop rocks and jump rope

    sarah says:

    totally not!!! her main focus is teens, and shes being all sexy and doing THAT! ( and you know what I mean!) she is not telling the write message to teens!!

    Faith says:

    I am so glad Demi is back and better than ever. :D

    LoveMyCrazyLife says:

    I loved it. It was sweet and the guy was totally hot. I admire Demi for coming back stronger than she was. She’s been through a lot and she’s better than ever.

    Sam says:

    i love that song and the video was so cute!

    hp says:

    i cant watch it!:( it says its not avalible in my region:c

      Uh says:

      Same! WTF,, or is Kaitlin Cubria The one that set it? Whoever it is, fix it! I need to see the demsters vid

        Kaitlin Cubria says:

        Sorry, guys. It’s the settings on VEVO, which we unfortunately can’t alter :(

    Lynn says:

    I Love it

    XXX from Holland

    Kristen says:

    i really like this video!!

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