From Jennette McCurdy to Lauren Conrad, The 10 Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!

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We swear we didn’t choose the three main chicks above ’cause they’re all beaut blondes. (We actually picked them because the backgrounds are colorful/pretty next to each other.) But you can’t deny how gorg ladies like Jennette McCurdy, Taylor Swift and Lauren Conrad were this week. Their outfits were stunning! So we won’t chat any longer — peruse the best dressed stars!

NOTE: You’ll probably notice that one of the chic girls from our original Best Dressed at the Kids’ Choice Awards list made the cut. We just had to include her!

Ariel Winter

Cutest modern family chic dress

Photo: Splash News

Carly Rae Jepsen

Sweetest one-shoulder cocktail dress

Photo: Getty

Carrie Underwood

Sexiest in slitty fashion

Photo: Splash News

Jennette McCurdy

Best cleavage on the orange carpet. (You know you were thinking it, too.)

Photo: Splash News

Jennifer Hudson

Most likely to do no wrong in a sweetheart top

Photo: Getty

Taylor Swift

Sexiest cut-outs of the week

Photo: Splash News

Kristen Stewart

Most likely to rock her first KCA red carpet in a lacey mini

Photo: Splash News

Lauren Conrad

Most likely to look drop-dead gorg in white flowers

Photo: Splash News

Miranda Lambert

Best recreation of Jennifer Lawrence's Hunger Games premiere dress

Photo: Splash News

Lily Collins

Most likely to show up in one of the Evil Queen's stunning gowns

Photo: Splash News

Who would you classify as the #1 best dressed celebrity this week? Are there any looks you’d totally wanna wear?

See Why Miley Cyrus Topped Last Week’s Best Dressed!

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27 Responses to "From Jennette McCurdy to Lauren Conrad, The 10 Best Dressed Celebs of the Week!"

    Ayman says:

    Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it promote decycramo. Thank you.

    Andrea says:

    Carrie undrerwood looks stunning

  3. [...] polls are now closed and Jennette McCurdy has been officially declared as the best dressed celebrity of the week on The specific dress that Jennette won was her [...]

    layla says:

    CARLY RAE JEPSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is so pretty

    Juu says:

    Jennette Forever !!

    Jenna says:

    am i the only one that thinks carly rae jepson looks terrible

    sarah says:


    Jenna says:

    Lilly collins? You’re kidding me right? She’s not dressed at her best. Come on. Her movie ain’t that good and suddenly she’s on a list

  9. [...] site escolheu nossa querida Jennette como uma das celebridades mais bem vestidas da semana, ao lado [...]

    Sam says:

    I love Jennifer’s and Jennette’s dresses!

    Jenna says:

    where’s da love 4 victoria she was too gorg as always!!!!!!

    Terrence says:

    I cannot believe Victoria Justice is not on this list. She looked amazing at the KCAs

    kelsey says:

    jennette looks so buitiful she deserves to winn

    Kamila says:

    I am Kamila like Jennette McCurdy

  15. [...] Paryska premiera „Mirror Mirror”). Zachęcamy do oddawania głosów w sondzie zamieszczonej pod tym linkiem. Napisz [...]

    Emily says:

    I thought all the guys you said were pretty :) No offense (haha when people say “no offense” it’s usually offending xD… ANYWAYS), but Lily’s dress was really hideous imo o.e

    Erika says:

    Jennette Mccurdy looks beautiful! I love her!

    Molls says:

    *drapes* NOT crapes.

    Molls says:

    I don’t get why Lily Collins is even on this list. That has to be the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen. It looks like somebody pulled down a pair of crapes and made a dress out of them.

    Dave says:

    So I see that Jennette is by far in the lead here, but is totally absent from the Just Jared Junior poll….

    Noel says:

    The only reason jennette mccurdy is in the lead is because her tits are hanging out

      Mike says:

      The only reason Jennette Mccurdy is in the lead isn’t because her tits are hanging out. It’s because she has an overly rabid fan group that would vote for her if she was wearing a burlap sack.

  22. [...] new article features Jennette McCurdy as one of the best dressed celebrities along with Taylor Swift and Lauren [...]

    Jane says:

    i would say that emma stones kca outfit was better than the other kca fashions up there

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