10 Celebrities Who Need Twitter Accounts ASAP

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Yes, this is real! We could not be any happier that our favorite crush HSM dude, Zac Efron, is finally on freakin’ Twitter! And Beyonce tweeted for the very first time this week too, so now officially half our Tweet dreams have come true. But who else should take up residence in the Twitterverse ASAP and become part of our elite Best Twit Pics club? Peep the list!

Vanessa Hudgens
Here’s V.Hud’s deal; she’s got Twitter, she’s gotten verified, she’s got half a million followers. Here’s her problem: she’s got zero tweets! Even though she told us exactly why she doesn’t take advantage of tweeting, we vote she hops on the bandwagon. We’re pretty sure her BFF Ashley Tisdale would side with us on this one.

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Kristen Stewart
K. Stew is one of the most vocal anti-twitter celebs ever – and we think that’s exactly why she needs one. Wouldn’t you love to read Kristen’s weird-o rants on your timeline? Touche.

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 Amanda Seyfried
Since Amanda is totally obsessed with her dogs, we’re thinking she should follow Miley Cyrus’ lead and Twit Pic some cute puppy pics!  WDYT?

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 Blake Lively
We won’t lie, we’re not quite as interested in Blake’s personal life as we are with her BF, Ryan Reynolds. Is it weird that we want her to tweet her whereabouts we can stalk Ry on the daily?

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Liam Hemsworth
Come on Liam, your girl MyCy’s all over twitter – when can we see your beautiful Aussie face in the twitterverse too?

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Andrew Garfield
This guy was in The Social Network but he doesn’t even social network! WTH is up with that? Time to get crackin’ on Twitter, Andrew. If only his British accent came across via computer.

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Taylor Lautner
Taylor may not be the most, um, interesting celeb in the world, but his six-pack would make for some really nice Twit Pics. Amirite?!

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Dakota Fanning
This chick is one tough cookie when it comes to using social media. Dakota has repeatedly vowed to not join Twitter and has said, “I really don’t need to let people know where I am and what I’m doing.”  But that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna know, ya know?

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Daniel Radcliffe
Since Dan has some seriously weird stuff to say, he should totally hop on the twitter bandwagon.  140 characters is more than enough to get his bizarre comments off his chest.

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Jennifer Lawrence
Jen’s tweets would be a mix of “I have a hot British boyfriend,” “I’m really pretty, look at these pics of me” and “I’m in the most popular movie ever.” Ok, not really, but a girl can dream.

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Which of these celebs should join Twitter? Who else should get to Tweeting?

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  • anks

    jensen ackles??? he seriously needs to be on twittwr as well as on this list:/

  • John

    I love Lost Boys and Anne Rice too (BTW did you know she turned born again and reeunocnd the whole vampire series???) BUT I am just such a lover of the vampire mythology that pretty much anything can suck me in (ah, geeze, sadly, pun WAS intended ) I love True Blood and can even get into the Twilight series I gotta say though the movie really went over the deep end I mean the book is pretty melodramatic but he was so randomly hysterical and hyperbolicly emotional. Still I must confess I read the whole series, and will be seeing New Moon confession complete.

  • Kelânia Albuquerque

    Megan Fox!!!

  • Chloe

    What about Heather Morris?!

  • Lex

    Ummm….WHAT ABOUT RYAN GOSLING?!?!?!?! wth?!?

  • Sam

    Taylor Lautner does have a Twitter!

  • Kim

    Deff Jennifer Lawrence!!!

  • ferr

    daniell! really needs a twittter