5 Best TV Makeout Sessions — In the Car!

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Finding a place to lock lips can be tough. Too much PDA in the school halls is frowned upon and the ‘rents totally make it their job to check in on you when you’re hanging at home. Amirite? So when all else fails, you can always resort to a makeout sesh in your car like some of our fave TV characters have done. It might be a little cramped, but it sure looks fun…

Blair and Chuck on Gossip Girl
Our hearts melted as Blair told Chuck he was the one she couldn’t live without. Swoon. That moment was quickly ruined as the paparazzi pretty much ran the two off the road, but we’d still take it.

Alloy Entertainment

Ben and Amy on The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Bamy got their smooch on in the back seat one last time before Amy left for New York for the summer. Kinda awkward that their driver was sitting up front during their romantic parting, but whatevs.

ABC Family

Ty and Bay on Switched At Birth
Um, maybe parking the car outside Bay’s house to lock lips wasn’t the best idea, figuring her dad caught them. “A” for effort?

ABC Family

Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars
These two always have the most epic kisses, but the one Ezria shared in the car outside of Mona’s birthday party is one of their best. Too mad Noel saw them in action.

Alloy Entertainment

Emma and Ethan on The Lying Game
We don’t know if we would consider this the two’s first kiss figuring Ethan kind of thought he was kissing Sutton. Nonetheless, this sesh was smokin’.

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Which makeout sesh do you think was the hottest? Think smacking lips in the car is a good idea?

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  • John

    Ooh… I’d make out with any of those gals;)

  • max

    It doesn’t matter where Ezra and Aria are they always have the most passionate kisses! One thing they’re not short of is love!

  • yass

    Chuck and Blair!!

  • mirna_9452

    To be honest, neither. It is very professional for an actrice or actor to be very persistent and focus in a kissing scene to someone they are probably not dating. No matter who they are kissing, they need that image of passion. The photos for pretty little liars are terrible. It saids kidsing scene for a reason. We, the viewers, what to see their,the actor or actrice, facial look and the the kiss not their backs! The images for *gossip girls and *the secret life of an amerocan teenager is exceptible. That is all.

  • Rill

    Ezria of course. Duh! They have the most EPIC kisses of all time. So much passion and affection. Love.

  • victoria

    forever chair

  • kate

    this scene with chuck & blair isn’t nearly as good as the one in limo! *misses season 1*

  • MSC

    I love Chuck and Blair!

  • camilla

    Blair and Chuck!!!!!!! Always!!!!!

  • Lia

    Definetly Blair and Chuck! But not in this episode. The best Makeout Session in the car was in the first season episode 7.

    • Jenny

      Definitely. It was their kiss in the limo in Victor Victrola that was the most iconic moment on Gossip Girl.

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  • pinky

    i love the lying games too! :)

  • brittney

    swithed at birth is the best show seires i’ve ever seen. are you guys gonna make a new one. is it on abc family. what day doese it come on.

    • zoey

      me too…… oh my gosh, just can not get enough of it! 😉

  • Sam

    I love Emma and Ethan on The Lying Game!