5 Rebound Girls Perfect for Nick Jonas

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We haven’t been too heartbroken since Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem called it quits. Rather, we’ve been waiting in anticipation to find out who Nick’s going to date next! It’s been over a month since the odd couple headed for splitsville and we’re thinking it’s about time our fave Jonas move on. Any of these girls would be perfect for little Nicky…

Nicole Anderson
The former co-stars are already good friends and have dealt with relationship rumors in the past. Why not confirm those rumors and give this romance a shot, eh?


Lea Michele
Now that NickJo is a Broadway star, who better to date than Lea! Afterall, she’s no stranger to the stage herself. We bet Cory Monteith won’t mind one bit.

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Jasmine V
J and Nick have already done the whole music collab thing, so they should totes pull a Taylor Swift/John Mayer thing and start dating.


Alyson Stoner
The two already know each other from Camp Rock so they may as well skip the first date awkwardness and become a couple power house. Nick can sing while Alyson dances circles around him. It’s a match made in heaven.


Emma Roberts
Emma may have already moved on from Chord, but we’re thinking Nick could swoop on in there and snatch her up. You can never have too many rebounds.

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Which girl do you think would be perfect for Nick? Think this Jonas would be better off with someone different?

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  • Irene

    I think he would look best with alyson stoner he just doesnt look right with the others and you cant say you werent dissapointed there wasnt any naitlyn in camp rock 2 nana didnt have any chemistry

  • Honey

    I think he should be with Nicole they were the cutest thing in JONAS LA and would make an amazing couple in real life love both of them :)

  • misty JONAS_Directioner_Fan

    I <3 him with Selena! BUT shes with Justin B. :( but eh..ok out of the list Alyson! :) and also any girl would be lucky to be friends, then date and maybe even marry Nick! -sighs- but wont be me… i doubt it because the age…(I'm truing 14 in June and yeah hes truing 19 or 20..) but long story short ALYSON (from the list) but Selena Gomez(out of his ex-girlfriends)

    • David

      Denise! I love the ones with the balloons all over the place tied under the rocks I’ve never seen that beorfe & it looks like a magical bubble land I want to live in! I also really love the 4th one down on the left soft, dreamy, and lovely. You rock! And they’re a beautiful couple!

  • Tanisha

    Nick and Nicole most def..they look really cute together

  • Hanna

    Nicole. They’re so cute!! ♥♥ Nickole!!

  • casey

    Nicole or me

  • Sonya

    I think alyson and nick make a cute couple

  • Sonya

    I think nick and alyson make a cute couple

  • Meg


  • Nina

    Nicole or Alyson.

    Others just dont seem to have “chemistry”..

  • Breno

    Eu prefiro com Jasmine V

  • Jani

    With Nicole, they was so cute in Jonas L.A. :)

  • Maricela

    I think with me, but would look with Nicole..make a cute couple.

  • Katie

    I think he should rebound with me. But Nicole is a good choice also

  • Cadie

    Nick and Nicole Anderson could rebound with each other, haha.

  • Oh Darling

    Lea is amazing! She deserves somebody way better than Nick.

  • Sam

    Nick would look cute with Nicole.

  • Disha

    Lea, seriously ?
    i think she is perfect for Cory, for them you can say that they are match made in haven