Style Lessons All Guys Could Learn From One Direction

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Tired of guys who just can’t get their act look together? They should take some sartorial hints from the always stylish One Direction. These British boys know how to dress well–not a cheesy “ironic” Hawaiian shirt or super-droopy jean in sight! We don’t know about you, but we wish the guys in our life always looked as fashionably put-together as they do. If you have a style-challenged boyfriend, brother, or male BFF, pass these tips along! It will be good for everyone. Promise.

Sometimes it’s cool to coordinate with your bros.
You don’t need to go full-on matchy-matchy, but don’t be afraid of looking like y’all actually know each other. This is especially true with suits–looking like the Beatles is never a bad thing.


Girls swoon over a solid vest and tie combination
If there’s “One Thing” we love, it’s this solid sartorial choice. In the vid, Liam’s wearing a grey suit (no jacket) and a tie. We just love the nonchalance of his rolled sleeves. It’s not too stuffy, it’s just plain cool.

When in doubt? Wear a white T-shirt.
James Dean got it right in the ’50s, so don’t mess with his style law. There’s something so simply hot about a guy in a white tee and jeans. You really can’t screw this look up! Except maybe with a pair of Crocs.


Shaggy hair is hawt.
Harry Styles has the shaggiest hair in this group, and he pulls it off. (Warning: you probably don’t wanna veer into Shaun White territory! Not many peeps can pull that length off!)


Touches of collegiate style = our secret soft spot.
It’s probably all the teen movies we watch, but there’s something that just makes us swoon for a guy in a varsity jacket.


Cardigans make us wanna snuggle, so wear them!
When boys wear cardigans, we just wanna get cozy. It’s a nice and stylish alternative to the faded and over-worn college sweatshirt.


Amp up your jacket selection. (No fleece! Nothing too schlubby!)
Watching their “Gotta Be You” music video, we’ve come to the realization that the pea coat is a perfect winter coat. And if that’s a little too preppy for you, there are other alternatives to keep you warm. Niall wears a sweatshirt layered under a blazer and still looks sporty yet suave.

Do you like how the boys of One Direction dress? Would you like the guys in your life to dress like them?

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26 Responses to "Style Lessons All Guys Could Learn From One Direction"

    yohan says:

    wow nice tips

    yohan says:

    beaty fashion tips

    zab says:

    No matter if you don’t have enough money to spend, all you need to do is be clever, be stylistic like them. Do some experiment, and if you feel great in what you’re wearing about that would be cool. Be confident. Remember: don’t wear large amount of clothes that will definitely make you look not presentable(you’ll be unpleasant and not good to look at). Thanks ..

  4. [...] Style Lessons All Guys Could Learn from One Direction [...]

    richard says:

    u all nice style

    Samantha says:

    I can honestly say I have no idea who these guys are [not my genre and not my era i suppose you can say] But the tips really do ring true. Especially with the clothing, there is just something about a little sophistication that can make a girl swoon. It has always been this way, hell if us women know why.
    And as for the hair, think of it this way – curly/shaggy? Think of fluffy puppies and little babies with curly hair. We wanna play with it, touch it, and in turn, touch and get close to the boy who has it.
    So guy? Try it. Just once. Even if you just grab one of the jackets and wear it at the mall, see how many heads you turn~

    VictoriaStylinson says:

    But you see, some guys are just plain u-g-l-y so it wouldnt really work for them, other then they would have a lil swag… but One Direction on the other hand ; they look good in ANYTHING like frfr !! it doent even matter what there wearing they ALWAYS look good !!

    Chaise says:

    I love their style, pretty much ANY guy can benefit from their amazingly fashionable style. This is obviously one of the many important reasons on why English – Irish guys are that much more attractive. :3

    zack says:

    did any of you guys see bella on here say yes or no

    Darlene says:

    Guys Should MOST Deff Use These Tips & Advice (:

    Mrs. Malik says:

    Lovee All Thee Boyszz Especiallyy Zayn!!!! <3

    mely says:


    lulie says:

    i love all the advices ! !!!

    sarah muhona says:

    Love them soo much..y all rock :) :)

    sarah muhona says:

    I love one Direction they sing well n I tink tat they will be legends for our generation…love you guyz and all the best for your music carrier God bless you

      Star light says:

      I like loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! U every one of u but some people dont like u but i do

    Juana says:

    OMG! they have such amazing style! 1D boys never look bad! Love the preppy style in “Gotta Be You” #hotties

    Sam says:

    I LOVE ONE DIRECTION MY FAVOURITE IS ……………………………………………………….HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Camila says:

    I loooooooooove One Direction! sz

    One Direction 1Fan says:

    :…..D I love One Direction so much- and if more people dressed like them, the world would be a better place!!!!! :D

    sally says:

    They really are sooo stylish. They always look good. Normal guys really should take some tips from them! :)

    Sam says:

    I love One Direction!

    Marie says:

    that is sooo true!!!!!!!!!! now how hard is it for guys to just put in a little effort???

    P.S sagging is ugly. please do not go there.

    Rachel says:

    The have style!!

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