Watch the Official Trailer for LOL, Starring Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene

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After battling anorexia rumors just this week, Miley Cyrus is making headlines once again… for a far less controversial reason, at least. The trailer for her new flick, LOL — also starring Ashley Greene, Demi Moore, and her ‘new boyfriend’, Douglas Booth — just hit the Internet, and it totally places Miley’s character in the spotlight.

Based on the video, it completely encompasses the highs and lows (and drama) of teenage life, including a messy break-up — due to cheating! — a nagging parent, best friends, frenemies, boy crushes and, of course, social media.

There’s even that whole love triangle thing, which seems to be popping up in more and more in movies and on TV. But it also includes the best-friend-turned-boyfriend aspect, which is swoon-worthy, albeit inevitable in romantic comedies.

The best line (so far):

“We’re friends, but I just want you to know that if I were him I’d never let you go.”

LOL hits theaters (in a limited release) on May 4, 2012. Are you planning on seeing it in theaters? What do you think of Miley’s new love interest?

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  • Mardiana

    You are wrong because not every teeaegnr do drugs or would ever try drugs because some people have self control. She’s making wrong decision that isn’t healthy. When I was a teen, I done stupid shit and I didn’t give a shit. I use to think life is short. I use to live life like i’m dying. I wasn’t wise or aware of the outcome. I tried many types of drugs because I was curious. You know what happen? I got addicted. Miley is out of control. She is not making wise decisions.

  • LizzyGrace

    I can’t wait to see this movie! Totally going to see it on opening day! Here are the cities that it will be playing in. Houston, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Nashville, and Cleveland.

  • frenchgirl

    I’m french and I saw the original movie which is one of the best movies I have seen. Seriously I think it’s too bad they did a new version. I’m so attached and used to the french characters that it feels weird to see other people… I highly recomand the original version =)


    can i see


    Is lovely

  • Huda

    I can’t wait to watch this movie OMG :0

  • Mandy

    Omg! I love them both can’t wait to watch it!

  • Sam

    That looks cute! I want to see it!

  • Frenchie

    It looks so much like the original movie (the french one from 2008)!
    Can’t wait to see it! I just hope that’s it’s going going to be as good as the original, loved it soo much!