Go Retro! 10 Guy Celebs Who Rock 1950’s Style (And Look Hot While Doing It)

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In a world of iPhones, Angry Birds, and Lady Gaga, it is hard to imagine a time when poodle skirts, chocolate milkshakes, and drive-ins were the most popular things around. But we are sooo nostalgic for that time–and we weren’t even alive then! Maybe we’d never want to give up the Internet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it when male celebs go super-retro, like they’ve been plucked straight out of the 1950s! Like these guys…

Justin Bieber
Since watching Justin Bieber’s hairstyle change is, like, a thing, we immediately realized that The Biebs is trying the pompadour. Maybe it’s just for the cover of his “Boyfriend” single, but we likey. The Bieber swoosh? Already forgotten.

Darren Criss
As Blaine on Glee, everything from his cardigans to his styled hair channels Mr. Rogers. In real life, half of the time Darren still looks like an extra from Bye, Bye Birdie. But don’t take away his bow-ties! He looks mighty dapper.


Bruno Mars
Bruno croons and seduces with the energy — and, let’s be honest, wardrobe and hairdo — of Elvis Presley. That baby blue suit is almost too much to handle. Did we just go back in time or what?


Zac Efron
Oh, how we wish we could be jamming in a Cadillac with Zac! With his greased hair and smooth vibes, he’s looking super-suave.


Drake Bell
Um, those Buddy Holly glasses scream the 1950s! Drake’s doing the whole geek-chic thing, with Mad Men hair to boot.

Drake Bell at the Nickelodeon's 2008 Kids' Choice Awards

Getty Images

Tyler Posey
For Best Coast’s “Our Deal” music vid, Tyler dressed up like a modern-retro gang member in love with his rival gang’s leading lady, Chloe Moretz. What’s more 1950s than tragic, West Side Story luuurve? (And that hairdo.)


Nick Jonas
Okay, so he’s mostly dressing up retro for his role in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, but Nick still looks adorbs wearing a satin green bow tie and crisp business suit. Plus, check out that smug smile! He likes it too.


Robert Pattinson
RPattz always has a sexy, rugged edge, and here he looks like he’s been pulled straight from The Outsiders. With his leather jacket and jeans, we just wanna say, “What’s up, Ponyboy?”

Getty Images

Kevin McHale
Kevin proves that suspenders aren’t just for your grandpa — they’re definitely worth resurrecting in the 21st century.


Taylor Kitsch
In this James Dean-inspired photo shoot, Taylor Kitsch looks us straight in the eye and smolders. We’d be a rebel without a cause any day…as long as it’s with him!


Do you like it when guys look like they’re from the ’50s? Are you retro-crazy too (or just a really, really big fan of Grease)? Which 50’s-inspired guy is the hottest?!

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  • Chaise

    I Definitely love Darren Criss and Kevin McHale, not only are they both super talented, but they really do it best. (:
    I agree, Zayn Malik should have been on this list. -.-

  • Jackie

    TYLER POSEY! i love you! you wore it the bestt!

    • Taylor Charles

      Hell yeah he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bree

    First of all, The Outsiders is based in the 1960s not the 1950s, and saying the Rob Pattinson is anywhere near Outsiders material is just wrong. He looks like a wanna be biker, not a 60s greaser. Bruno and Taylor are probably the only one’s that actually look like they come from the 50s.

  • Georgia

    Josh hutcherson did a 50’s spread in a magazine that was wayyy sexy

  • Naomi

    I don’t see why Cody Simpson wasn’t there… He’s way sexier than all of them and everyone know’s it!

  • I’mabelieber

    I realleyyyy lime justin he is so handsome an he looks wowwwwww

  • Sally

    Darren Criss!!!!! Good looking and talented!

  • Jenny

    zayn malik from one direction

    He’s been donning that look for some time, not just for a photoshoot, but teen.com are slow and only cater to white american girls, so he’s obviously not going to be on that list.

    • TheOutsiders

      Are u kidding me?? Zayn malik or however u spell that name is from the biggest band that only white teenage girls like. Come onn, can’t people stop going on & on about 1D for two minutes? & to say that Rob Pattz looks like Ponyboy is just… Wrong.

  • viccolor

    I miss Drake Bell I want him to be back on the TV shows

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  • x

    ZAYNNN ?!?!?!

  • sophia

    bruno mars for sure!! he dresses like little richard!

  • Christina

    Darren Criss <3

  • Sam

    Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars!

  • Catriona Mal

    DarrenCriss & ZacEfron are freaking babes , LOVE THEM BOTH SOOOOO MUCH <3

  • stargleekpotter

    I agree with all of this except for Robert, and Justin Bieber. They don’t work at all.

    • Emily

      I agree with all of the guys except Robert too (but I like Justin Bieber :P). Robert Pattinson looks like… uhm.. “poop”

  • Oh Darling

    I love rockabilly fashion<3